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Top Ten Tuesday – Summertime Reads

Top Ten Tuesday – Summer..

There is something about summer that makes me want to just read all the quick reads. And there is nothing quicker than reading a New Adult/Romance book. These kind of books have the tendency to just suck you right in and even though you know what is going to happen you still find yourself on the end of your seat. So for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, I’m sharing the series/books in NA and romance that you would want to read on the beach Mayhem series – Jamie Shaw Off Campus series – Elle Kennedy Rusk University series – Cora […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Reading Wishlist

Top Ten Tuesday – Readin..

I am a sucker for a handful of topics in YA/NA/Romances. If you tell me a certain topic is in a book I am like 99.9% likely to read it. I can’t help it, these topics are my kryptonite and I think there needs to more books that include these 10 different topics:   Fake Relationship – I love the use of a fake relationship that inevitably will turn into more because it is so hard to keep the lines blurred. These people think they are going into it with their eyes wide open and yet they have no idea […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Unique Books

Top Ten Tuesday – Unique..

I don’t read a lot of unique books. I typically know what I like and it is usually what I stick to. Every now and then I will try a book on a recommendation or based on a rating someone gave it or even sometime just because it sounds interesting or I liked the author. Some of these books have been huge hits with me and some a sad miss. But they are all unique in some way. How are they unique? There is POV, writing style (one book is in verse which I learned is not for me), topic, […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Author Meetings

Top Ten Tuesday – Author..

I have been a very lucky girl and have gotten to meet a lot of authors that I love and have been able to gush over their books that mean so much to me. I’ve been to BEA and ALA and book signings. I have moderated panels and been to publishing events that have made this all possible. There are still those authors that I have yet to have the chance to meet. I hope it happens one day, but until then here is a list of 5 authors I was lucky enough to meet and 5 I am dying […]

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Top Ten Tuesday (on a Thursday) – Spring TBR

Top Ten Tuesday (on a Thursday..

So I didn’t get this up on Tuesday (we had a snow storm which was a mess) and I didn’t get this up yesterday (it was an ABCs day). I figure why not make it Top Ten Thursday so I can show off my possible Spring TBR. Without further ado… A Court of Wings and Ruin – Sarah J. Maas (Top priority in May!!!) Bad Romance – Heather Demetrios (reading this one soon) In a Perfect World – Trish Doller Twist – Kylie Scott Goodbye Days – Jeff Zentner These Things I’ve Done – Rebecca Phillips The Thief – Megan […]

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