Recently Purchased

Recently Purchased

Since I had been on a shopping hiatus for the month of May and hadn’t really pulled a new shopping post together in the months before that, I thought I would take the time to show you the recent addition I have made to my closet and my technology love. It isn’t a whole lot, but it is something.

I had been hoping that my Stitch Fix would be my shopping for the month, but that was a pretty big bust (read about it HERE). Instead I found myself upgrading my iPhone 4S to the 5S in gold thanks to some prodding from friends. And of course with that kind of upgrade a new case needed to happen (although I may have bought the case before the phone and have 4 other cases at home that I have had for a month, but SHHH!). I was able to pick up the fun Vera Bradly case at the outlets so it was a fabulous price. Also on that trip I was able to pick up the adorable anchor belt which is 100% similar to the one in the picture. Found it at the Gap and it was less than marked so I scooped that up.

The dresses are more recent additions. I love the stripped one at the Loft when they were having a massive sale on line. It is long so it will need to be hemmed and it may be a tab big in the waist, but it was final sale so I will get the alterations done.  The other dress I picked up just last Tuesday at J Crew. It was normally $110 (insane right??!!) and it was on super sale so I got it for less than half off. And before I now need a new external charger for my phone, I got the fun printed one while I was there for under $15.00.

Finally the shoes. Oh how I love all my new shoes. The wedges I bought while I was no shopping in May. But in my defense I had a coupon and a gift card so it was no money out of my pocket. I’m only slightly obsessed with them and have worn them HERE. The ankle wrap ones are a J Crew Factory find. I had purchased them in red a while back and what 100% certain about them. But I wore them HERE for the first time and I was hooked. I love how they look with pants. I decided to see how much they were on line and was able to get them on super sale with another coupon on had so they ending up breaking the bank at a whopping $3.93! SOLD. And last but not least are the newest addition to my Sperry family. I blame Jessica at Bows & Sequins for this purchase and feeding my addiction to all things Sperry.

What have you recently added to your closet?

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What’s in My Bag? – Brandy

Last week you got to see what was in Heather’s Michael Kors bag. And now we have Brandy showing us what she toes around.

brandybag1.) Vera Bradley  Mandy bag in Lemon parfait
2.) Vera Bradley  Euro waller in Lemon parfait
3.) Neutrogena powder
4.) Hair band
5.) WV nail file
6.) Aquafina Lip Balm in Raspberry
7.) Domino (I rec’d on my last day Sr yr in HS from 1 of my favorite teachers.)
8.) Keys w/ keychains: WVU, New England Patriots, Myrtle Beach (gift from my nephew), & a picture of Me with Hinder.
9.) Vera Bradley  checkbook cover in Lemon parfait
10.) Kindle

And there you have Brandy’s bag and her love for things Vera Bradley.

Stay tuned for next week when we have Emma from Miss Print showing us what she carries around.



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Monopoly Money Monday

So I threw out a question for suggestions on Twitter for more MMM* ideas and the idea of wallets was given to me by trusty ABCer Emma from Miss Print. I thought of the best way to do wallets for a MMM post and decided I would show you all options that would cost you $100 or less. This was you can decide just how you would spend your “money”.


Wallets by andiabcs featuring zip bags

Me personally, I’m going for the $100 Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet at the top. I have one of his already and it is pure LOVE! Which wallet would you spend your Monopoly Money on? Are you a go big or go home girl like me or are you leaning towards one of the cheaper ones to keep some cash in your pocket?

*FYI, MMM will be on Hiatus next week for a Blog Tour I’m taking part in for the book Criminal by Terra Elan McVoy which came out on May 7th. It will resume on 5/27.

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March Shopping

Okay, I will be the first to say that I spent a lot of money this month. But that being said I knew going into the month that I would. Typically March is when I find a lot of my end of winter bargains and get my taxes back which I use a portion of to replenish the wardrobe and retreat from the winter blues. For all that I got, I’m considering this month a money well spent month. I got some great pieces that will certainly last me and can be used in a variety of seasons.

March Shopping

March Shopping by andiabcs featuring a long sleeve sweater

Not shown:
H&M(not available on line)
3 basic boat neck 3/4 length sleeve tops; white, green, navy and white stripped: $12.95 ea.
1 Plaid Button Down: on sale $10.00
2 Printed Skinny Pants: $12.95 ea.

May Designs
2014 Agenda: 40% off pd. $12.00
Lined Note Book: 40% off pd. $10.20
Note Cards: 40% off pd. $18.00

Sally Hansen
Mermaid’s Tale: $8.29

Barnes & Noble
Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan: $7.99

JCrew Factory
3/4 Sleeve Color Block Tee: 30% off pd. $20.65

2 Men’s Button Down Shirts: clearance $16.99 ea.

All items total come to a whopping $633.40, but $118.91 will be paid in April when the credit card statement comes in. My budget for the month was $500.00 and with that money taken off I spent $514.49 for March, only $14.49 over my budget. I’m pretty pleased with myself.

That said there will be no April wishlist or shopping for that matter. I have challenged myself, and a few others have joined me, to not buy anything in April (post up tomorrow for anyone interested). I am going to “shop my closet” and see what I can come up with. I’ll post OOTD posts on Instagram so follow me there is you want to see what I’m up to. Now, what to wear next?!

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