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Monopoly Money Monday

Monopoly Money Monday

Another Twitter suggestion for Monopoly Money Monday came from Amy, yet another fabulous ABCer. She suggested summer accessories like shoes, hates, sunglasses and bags. Much like Wallets, I had trouble with them and they will be posted separately. But I did do three different $100 dollar boards for Flip Flops, Hats and Sunglasses.   Flippers by andiabcs featuring old navy sandals Sunnies by andiabcs featuring printed sunglasses Hats by andiabcs featuring a white floppy hat Which one would you spend your $100.00 on? Or would you spend it on a combination of all three?

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Monopoly Money Monday – Bonus Edition

Monopoly Money Monday – ..

I got a request from a friend to do a Monopoly Money Monday on flat shoes. Since I had already had an edition of MMM scheduled I decided instead of waiting that I would post a bonus version just for her. This version is a little different then the typical weekly post. Instead of just giving you 5 pairs of flats (yes I manged to get 5 pairs for $100!) I decided to style them to go along with the request. There are millions of options on how to wear these shoes, but this is just what came to mind. […]

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