What I’m…(2)

Today’s edition of What I’m… really didn’t go the way I planned. I didn’t do a Twitter poll and ask what people wanted to know about. I was going to but something happened and instead I decided I would share. This edition is What I’m…WATCHING.

Okay so I’m a *little* late to the party. In all fairness I have seen a bunch of episodes over the years (mostly important Pam and Jim ones) but I have never actually sat down and watched the show from beginning to end. So I have begun my 9 season journey and even through the lack of sleep I’m loving every minute of it.

Since I am only on season 3 (my next episode is Safety Training) I know I don’t know all the characters that are to be involved with the show. But I do know some enough that  will now give you my take on a few of these characters:

  1. Michael Scott: A Human Resources Manager’s worst nightmare. Seriously, I am an HR Manager and hearing the things that comes out of his mouth makes me cringe. How he hasn’t been fired and sued is beyond me. But with that said as I viewer, he KILLS ME!
  2. Jim Halpert: Hands-down my FAVORITE character. His facial expressions and looks to the camera are so epic and spot on. Plus how can you not love that face?!?!
  3. Pam Beesly: Duh, she’s Jim’s other half. And I love how the character has evolved some just over the few seasons I have seen.
  4. Stanley Hudson: Could be my second favorite character. He’s responses, or non responses, to Michael and his antics are the BEST. He makes me laugh just sitting at his desk.
  5. Ryan Howard: In the words of Jim, ‘I liked you better as the temp.’. He’s really a whiny baby a lot of the time.
  6. Andy Bernard: Definitely not someone I’m currently liking. He’s really over the top and annoying. I am told he gets better though and he is played by Ed Helms so…
  7. Dwight Shrute: There really are no words to describe Dwight. His character speaks for himself. Really…NO WORDS.

I will say this semi-binge watch has been a lot of fun and I’m loving getting to know all of these characters.

And truth, Jim and Pam are OTP:

Have you seen The Office? What episodes are your favorite?

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What I’m…(1)

With a new year I try to come up with something new I can share with all of my ABCers. I started to think about what I like to know about people and what I talk to people about. When I’m with my book friends the questions is always, ‘What are you reading?’. When I’m shopping with friends it’s, ‘What are you buying?’. When I’m going out for dinner/drinks it’s, ‘What are you going to wear?’. All of those things brought me to a new post idea…What I’m….

What I’m… will randomly post every now and then. I will take to Twitter and run a poll asking what people would like me to talk about for that week’s post. The options will be reading, eating, wearing, watching, buying, etc. After the poll closes I’ll write a post about what people want to know most. It’s that simple, and I hope something that interests you.

Since this is the first one, I’m keeping it easy and I’m going to share What I’m…READING:

  1.  Irresistible You – Kate Meader: I first read Kate Meader when I found her Hot in Chicago firefighter series. As a fan of Chicago Fire I was really excited for it and have read the first 2 books. When I saw Meader had a hockey series I was quick to add this to my list of books for my TBTBSanta to get. I admit this one was a little slow to start, but it has picked up and I’m enjoying the story. I have about 34% left to go.
  2. Starry Eyes – Jenn Bennett: I have been looking forward to this book since I saw it existed. As a massive fan for Jenn Bennett’s books (please check out Alex, Approximately!) I was thrilled when this showed up on my Kindle thanks to Netgalley and Simon Pulse for approval. I’m not very far in, but there has already been a washi tape shout out and I REALLY want to know what happened between the two main characters when it all seemed so promising.

So there you have it, my first What I’m… post. If yo uhave any ideas for things I could write about please let me know. And look for polls on Twitter.

Now tell me, what are you reading?

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