Review Policy

Figured it was about time to set up a review policy. I wasn’t really sure where to start but Michelle(Galleysmith) let me borrow hers and tweak it to make it my own.  If you have any questions or need further clarification regarding what is stated please contact me at

  • I love to read. I read a lot and am rarely with a book in my hand But like most things I like more books than others:
    • Will Read: young adult: dystopian and contemporary are my favorite sub-categories, but if you want me to read something else, ask as I am always willing to try new things when it comes to YA; chick-lit; women’s fiction
    • I will not read: horror, gratuitous violence, erotica, religion, politics, self-help, trade & how-to, memoir, self-published

If I have not listed a particular genre and you have a title you’d like reviewed please inquire, as I enjoy finding new authors that pull me in.

To go along with the above, here is some more information that may be helpful.

  • Book tours, author interviews, guest posts and giveaways: Definitely willing to participate.
  • Not all books are for everyone. This we all know. People have different tastes and different points of interest. Because I this I cannot guarantee a positive review, however, what I can do is promise an honest one that is contrastive.
  • I will not review a book in a series out of sequence. If you are pitching a book that falls in a series that I have yet to begin, I will request a copy of each of its predecessors so I am able to read and review effectively. I will be sure to post an individual review of all books read.  Please note, I’m currently in the midst of many series so please feel free to inquire about including yours as well.
  • I can’t guarantee I will finish a book. I try my hardest to finish all books I start but as I stated before, not all books are for everyone.  If this is the case with a book you’ve submitted I will read as much as possible then post a small review outlining my preferences and why I personally found difficulty.
  • If you have a backlisted book that you want read before a new book is released, ask away as I love new books as well as older titles.
  • Blogging is hard work and takes time. I try to read books as soon as I can and post reviews as close to release date as possible, if a backlisted book I post as soon as my blogging schedule allows. Sometimes it is hard to get things up as promptly as I would like, but I do what I can. If you need something posted by a certain date in accordance with a blog tour or release date, please be specific when requesting. If a book is already published when I receive it, I add it to my “to be read” (TBR) list.  TBR books can take anywhere from 2 to 4 months to read and review.
  • Publicity is a critical aspect of the review process.  I undertake the following steps to provide your submissions the most attention:
    • Cross posting reviews (though in many cases abridged versions) at Good Reads and BN/Amazon if requested or I’m personally in love with the book.
    • Tweets in regards to a review blog post @andiabcs.
  • I do not sell review copies but will include them as part of giveaways or donate them to non-profits and libraries unless you specifically request I do not.
  • I have an e-reader and will be happy to accept e-books.

I will also review products and clothing. If anyone is interested in a product or item of clothing to be reviewed please contact me.

[version 1, 8/28/13]

(thank you Michelle for allowing me to use your review policy as inspiration)