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Book Must Reads – BookCon

Book Must Reads – BookCo..

In my post on Tuesday you saw the picture of the books I got a BookCon and the Penguin Teen breakfast. There were not a whole lot, but there were definite some I am super excited about. Out of the 8 in the photo there were 3 that really sparked my interest. One of them will come as no surprise (also I technically didn’t get it at BookCon, a friend grabbed it at BEA and I just finished it), one I’m not sure is me but the author was so passionate about it that I now want to read it, […]

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A few weeks or a month ago I mentioned I was headed to New York and BookCon for the weekend. Honestly I had no idea what to expect when Gail and Tiff brought up the idea of going but it really turned out into more than I could imagine. I really had a fantastic time and this time I can 100% say it wasn’t about the books (okay, minus the one book I got that I’m reading right now). Friday: On Friday morning Deana, Danielle, and I left our house and picked up Gail. The four of us drove to […]

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