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2023…The Year That Got Away

2023…The Year That Got A..

I had grand plans in 2023. It’s was the 10th anniversary if Andi’s ABCs. I was crushing my Netgalley goal to keep my numbers down. I was excited for so many books that were releasing. So what happened? Why have I not posted anything new since July? Truthfully it was a series of things that all added up to me reading 26 books, probably 27 by the time this posts, for the year adn getting wrapped up in other interests and just life and general. So here is what happened to me in 2023:   As I mentioned I fell […]

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The Program Turns 10

The Program Turns 10

In May of 2013 I was introduced to an author by the name of Suzanne Young. She had co-written a book with Cat Patrick called Just Like Fate and I was instantly in love. After reading that book I found out Suzanne had released the first book in a new series called The Program. 10ish days later I picked it up and I was done for. I loved everything about that first book and I remember immediately emailing/DMing Suzanne to tell her how much I loved it. I still remember exactly how blown away I felt reading the world she […]

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Mini Reviews #16 – Mini Reviews

Mini Reviews #16 – Mini ..

I was scrolling Instagram and saw Mae talking about The Seven Year Slip. She was saying how she fell in love with it so I immediately got my hands on it without even looking it up and I’m so thankful that I did. It was a great story of grief, figuring out what you want out of life, growing and changing, and not being scared to take a chance. If you know me you know I love a good time travel aspect in a book, and this book does it really well. The way that Clementine and Iwan meet in […]

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My KDrama Era

My KDrama Era

It’s July so it should be my TBR list and June reading update. That’s what it has been for a few years now. But June was a TERRIBLE reading month. I managed to only read one book and get about 30% through another. So I was talking to a friend about how I have been a terrible reader in 2023 and she said something to me that just hit right. She said…”You’re just in your Kdrama era”. And the thing is, she isn’t wrong. Just look at the difference in books read (20) and KDrama’s watched (33, although one is […]

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Monthly TBR – June 2023/May 2023 Wrap-Up

Monthly TBR – June 2023/..

It’s hard to believe I started doing these monthly TBR lists in 2019 and they have somehow stuck for this long. I’m not sure why they have become somewhat successful for me, but I’m sticking to it and seeing how it goes in 2023. Another month another terrible book count. Guess this is the way of 2023. At this pace I’m probably going to hit 52-60 books top. Oh well, such is life. As you can tell the reading didn’t really match the TBR list. Right when I was finishing Liar’s Beach a friend told me she really loved the […]

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