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Review: The Ex Talk – Rachel Lynn Solomon

Review: The Ex Talk – Ra..

Over summer 2020 I read my first Rachel Lynn Solomon book, Today Tonight Tomorrow, a YA contemporary that essentially took place over one night in Seattle, and I fell in love. I loved the way Rachel told a story and the way she used the city to be a character. I knew I needed to keep an eye out for whatever was next from her so imagine my surprise when I saw I didn’t have to wait long. The Ex Talk, an adult romance, was coming out in January. Immediately I knew I needed to read it and let me […]

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Review: Happy Singles Day – Ann Marie Walker

Review: Happy Singles Day R..

Ever come a cross a book that just takes you completely by surprise? You know you will enjoy it based off the description, but you are shocked just how much you enjoy it when you are done? Happy Singles Day was one of those books for me. It was so completely unexpectedly delightful. Between the characters and the story and the setting I was done for. It hit all the check marks of a story I love with one shortcoming…it was too short. Happy Singles Day is the story of Paige Parker, a professional organizer. Paige is an obsessive worker […]

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2020 Favorite Reads

2020 Favorite Reads

There was a challenge going around on Instagram at the end of December where you shared your favorite book you read for all 12 months in 2020 and people were polled on where they have read it or not. I have to admit I was really shocked by the results I got. So many people haven’t read some of my favorite books in 2020. Okay so I make an allowance for one since it is not out until this month, but some just shock me. Anyway I thought it would be fun to share the results with you here: The […]

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Getting On Track – Introduction

Getting On Track – Intro..

To kick off 2021 I decided I was going to try my hand at templates to keep better track of my reading. At the beginning of the month I will be sharing the following templates to help myself keep track of my challenges I have given myself. Netgalley 2021: I currently have 71 books on my Netgalley shelf that either need to be read or reviewed. My goal in 2021 is to get that down to 50 (I kept in mind that I will be approved for some over the year) and to get my feedback ratio up to 84%. […]

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Monthly TBR – January 2021

Monthly TBR – January 20..

What started as an experiment on finding a reading system that works for me has turned into me once again falling in love with a TBR List. For 8 months in 2019 I created a TBR List and read books off of  those lists. Some months I was successful and didn’t deviate and some months I had to add books or take books away. All in all though I really enjoyed having a structured list to go off of so I’m sticking with it in 2020. New year, same story. Back with another TBR List for your viewing pleasure. My […]

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