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Netgalley Bingo – July Update

Netgalley Bingo – July U..

It’s check-in time for my Netgalley update. Back in January I celebrated my 7 year blog anniversary and introduced a new individual challenge I am taking part in. I had picked 25 books on the Netgalley queue that I planned to read to help my Netgalley feedback ratio. It isn’t as easy as I expected. I can’t believe I have completed another month of my Netgalley Bingo challenge. When I started this I didn’t think I would get so much done on this card, and then COVID happened and I had more time to read than not. Now we are down […]

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Review: The Assignment – Liza Wiemer

Review: The Assignment –..

There are some books you just read and you know you are going to have a hard time writing about. Sometimes it is because you didn’t like the book. Sometimes it is because you loved the book so much you can’t find the words. And sometimes it is because you know your review won’t give it justice. Well I can tell you right now that the review for The Assigment is going to be a difficult review to write. Not because the book wasn’t good but because it is a really important book. It’s a book that my review won’t […]

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Mini Reviews #9 – Netgalley Mini Reviews 3.0

Mini Reviews #9 – Netgal..

Another month, more Netgalley reviews. Here are a few brief thoughts on some 3 star Netgalley reads: In theory You Lucky Dog sounds like it would be a really fun, cute rom com. It had all the parts. Sadly, for me, that just wasn’t the case. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed some of it, like the dogs because they were ADORABLE. And I also liked some of the family aspect. That was a good thing to include, especially Max’s family. But for the most part I found the plot very slow and Carly’s family felt like caricatures and not […]

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Monthly TBR – August 2020 & ARC August

Monthly TBR – August 202..

What started as an experiment on finding a reading system that works for me has turned into me once again falling in love with a TBR List. For 8 months in 2019 I created a TBR List and read books off of  those lists. Some months I was successful and didn’t deviate and some months I had to add books or take books away. All in all though I really enjoyed having a structured list to go off of so I’m sticking with it in 2020. July was a little slower than May and June were in reading terms but […]

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2020 Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge- August

2020 Contemporary Romance Read..

HAPPY August, you Fabulous Readers! Not only is it August but it is my birth month and it’s #ARCAugust, a favorite feature of mine run by some amazing bloggers I know. I have to be honest and tell you all I don’t feel like this has a lot of love and engagement this year and I’m tempted to let it go. I know 2020 has been a weird year for everyone but I also don’t want to waste my time or your time. I am thinking it over, but for now I took the link up out of this month’s […]

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