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Review: We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This – Rachel Lynn Solomon

Review: We Can’t Keep Me..

I am late on the Rachel Lynn Solomon fan train. I know she has been a round writing books for a while but I didn’t “find” her until 2020’s book Today, Tonight, Tomorrow (TTT). I mean I had her books on my TBR but I just never read one. But after reading TTT I became hooked and a massive fan. And after reading We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This, she is now an auto-buy for me because We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This was a chef’s kiss of a book and filled my heart with so much joy and love. […]

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Getting On Track – May

Getting On Track – May

To kick off 2021 I decided I was going to try my hand at templates to keep better track of my reading. At the beginning of the month I will be sharing the following templates to help myself keep track of my challenges I have given myself. Netgalley 2021: When I started working on my Netgalley feedback ratio the dream was to get 75%. It seemed so far off so I never dreamed I would actually achieve 81%. I know I will never have 100% (I am weak and am always requesting books) but this small mild stone makes me […]

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Monthly TBR – June 2021

Monthly TBR – June 2021

What started as an experiment on finding a reading system that works for me has turned into me once again falling in love with a TBR List. For 8 months in 2019 I created a TBR List and read books off of  those lists. Some months I was successful and didn’t deviate and some months I had to add books or take books away. All in all though I really enjoyed having a structured list to go off of so I’m sticking with it in 2020. New year, same story. Back with another TBR List for your viewing pleasure. My […]

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Book Vibe

Book Vibe

Ever read a book and immediately feel a style vibe from it? It doesn’t happen for every book for me but when it does I always get a vivid picture in my mind of an outfit/style that works for the vibe of the book. Not necessarily something that the character would wear or an outfit in the book, but just a look that fits the whole vibe. Today I have three of those books for you. People We Meet on Vacation There is nothing more vacation to me than a pair of jean shorts, a white top, and some flip […]

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Mini Reviews #11 – Netgalley Mini Reviews 5.0

Mini Reviews #11 – Netga..

Here are a few brief thoughts on some Netgalley reads: Better Than the Movies was pretty much the book I expected when I started reading it. It was the story of a girl that loves rom-coms and wants her life to play out like one. Ever since her mother passed away she held on to the romantic theory that this was possible and she refused to let it go. And I understood that to a point but it slo pushed the boundaries a little for me because Liz wasn’t always easy to like or connect with. Everything to her was […]

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