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Mini Reviews #15 – Netgalley Mini Reviews 7.0

Mini Reviews #15 – Netga..

Here are a few brief thoughts on some Netgalley 5 star, must reads: Every time I think Emily Henry has written her best book I read the next one and I’m blown away. Happy Place was such an emotional journey of life, love and friendship and I loved every minute of it. Harriet and Wyn had me smiling one minute and an emotional mess the next. As someone that is not always into second chance romance there was nothing about this book that I didn’t love. All of these friends, not just Harriet and Wyn, but the whole group of […]

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Review: The Nanny – Lana Ferguson

Review: The Nanny – Lana..

A few months back I saw a bunch of trusted book/reading friends posting about a book by debut author, Lana Ferguson. They were all talking about The Nanny and how amazing it was. I new immediately that I needed to add it to my forever long TBR list and I’m so happy I did. The Nanny was really fun and spicy and the main couple had oodles of chemistry so it made reading a breeze. The Nanny is about newly unemployed, close to eviction, Cassie Evans. Cassie needs a job and she needs it fast or she will have to […]

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Review: In Nightfall – Suzanne Young

Review: In Nightfall – S..

I’m going to start this by staying that vampire books are not my thing. They never have been something I was drawn too. And I told Suzanne this when she told me she was going to write this In Nightfall. But I also told her, if she wrote it, I would read it. And now I can say with 100% confidence that I am I’m so happy  she wrote it and that she had me read it. As a huge fan of everything of Suzanne’s, this is one of the best books she has written. It had me on the […]

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Review: The Half-Life of Love – Brianna Bourne

Review: The Half-Life of Love ..

In 2021 I came across a book from a debut author called You and Me at the End of the World. I’m not 100% certain what lead me to that book, it might have been an Instagram post from Stephanie Perkins, but something lead me in that direction. And that book by Brianna Bourne became one of my favorite 2021 reads. And then I read what her 2023 release, The Half-Life of Love, was going to be and I knew I needed that book. Truthfully, I’m not sure my emotions can recover from how good it was! The Half-Life of […]

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Review: Remind Me to Hate You Later – Lizzy Mason

Review: Remind Me to Hate You ..

I have known Lizzy Mason for almost as long as I have been blogging so I have been super excited to follow along on her author journey. Since her debut in 2019 I have eagerly awaited every book and Remind Me to Hate You Later was no different. I know this book was pushed back from the original release date but after having read it I also know that it was worth the wait. It was by far the best book Lizzy Mason has ever written. Remind Me to Hate You Later is the story of Jules, the daughter of […]

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