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Review: How to Fake It in Hollywood – Ava Wilder

Review: How to Fake It in Holl..

Back in January I was scrolling through Twitter, as one does, and came across the cover for How to Fake It in Hollywood, a new debut by Ava Wilder. I knew immediately that I needed this book in my life and I was correct. It was heavier than the cover lead me to believe, but it was so fantastic. I didn’t mean to read this book as fast as I did, but it was too good to really put down. How to Fake It in Hollywood is the story of Grey Brooks, an actress out there trying to get another […]

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Review: Forging Silver into Stars – Brigid Kemmerer

Review: Forging Silver into St..

In March of 2018 I was able to read a bounded copy of Brigid Kemmerer’s book A Curse So Dark and Lonely so I could give a blogger blurb. I had previously been in love with Brigid’s contemporary books so I was really excited to see what she did with fantasy. She blew me away with the story she gave us and the characters we got to know and love. The world she built was stunning and enthralling. So when I heard Forging Silver into Stars was an expansion of that world with Tycho being a main character I was […]

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Review: See You Yesterday – Rachel Lynn Solomon

Review: See You Yesterday R..

Parallel life/time loop books are some of my favorite books to read. The first time I read one I was hooked and have been reading and loving them since. So when I heard Rachel Lynn Solomon was writing a time loop book I was super excited. I have loved her last few YA books and was excited to see what she would do. I can happily report that See You Yesterday hit the spot and gave me what I come to love from both Rachel and time related books. See You Yesterday is about Barrett Bloom, a girl that is […]

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Review: Book Lovers – Emily Henry

Review: Book Lovers – Em..

When I read Emily Henry’s Beach Read I was interested in her story telling. When I read People We Meet on Vacation I was invested in her story telling. When I read Book Lovers, I was in love with her story telling! I honestly didn’t think I would love anything more than Poppy and Alex’s story in People We Meet, and then she had to introduce us to Charlie and Nora. The love I feel for this book is just so hard to even describe. Book Lovers is the story of Nora Stephens, a book agent from New York, that […]

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Review: Like a House on Fire – Lauren McBrayer

Review: Like a House on Fire &..

Women’s fiction is not usually a genre that I gravitate towards. Not for any particular reason, just not something I reach for. But certain authors will sway me and that is what happened with Like a House on Fire. I have been a fan of Lauren Miller’s books Parallel, Free to Fall, and All Things New for years so when I heard she was writing under a new name and writing adult I was sold. This book is everything that is messy about life and it was amazing! Like a House of Fire is about Merit, a married mother of […]

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