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Debut Review: When the Truth Unravels – RuthAnne Snow

Debut Review: When the Truth U..

I’m a sucker for books that involve strong female friendships. I often feel like a lot of authors prefer the frienemy over the BFF, so I was really excited about RuthAnne Snow’s debut, When the Truth Unravels, a story about 4 best friends hiding a secret about Elin’s suicide attempt and secrets about themselves. But the thing about secrets is they catch up to you and almost always come out. And that is what happens to Elin, Rosie, Ket and Jenna in this fantastic story. When the Truth Unravels is the story of 4 girls trying to find the fact […]

Posted January 9, 2019 by Andi / 3 Comments
Debut Review: Match Me If You Can – Tiana Smith

Debut Review: Match Me If You ..

For years I have been a fan of a rom-com book. Books by Kasie West and Miranda Kenneally are always high on my list. There is something so fun about a story that has humor to it and both Kasie and Miranda do it amazingly. When Match Me If You Can was brought into my orbit I admit I didn’t think it would fit with these two favorite authors of mine, and man was I wrong. Tiana Smith took her debut and slide right in next to Kasie and Miranda and I’m so pleased to have read it. Match Me […]

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