Author: Amy Tintera

Review: Rebel – Amy Tintera

Review: Rebel – Amy Tint..

For the longest time, the trend in YA seemed to be the trilogy. Every single series seemed to be composed of three separate books to tell the story. But lately, there seems to be a new trend, the duology. The trilogy exists still, obviously, but it seems more and more authors are leaning towards this format of two books and I can’t say I mind it. Why am I starting this review with this tidbit? Well because Rebel is the conclusion of a duology and I think Tintera nailed it by going this route. Rebel picks up right where Reboot […]

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Review: Reboot – Amy Tintera

Review: Reboot – Amy Tin..

I bought Reboot a while ago and like most books, I actually forgot I had it. It wasn’t until I started seeing chatter about its sequel Rebel that I remembered and was finally inspired to read it. And once again I was happy to have done it. Reboot was more than I expected. It was action packed and had a great romance and a great dystopian feel. It was an entertaining read with great characters and a pleasure to read. Reboot is a dystopian novel mainly about Wren, a 17-year-old girl that was killed when she was 12 and rebooted […]

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