Review: The Truth About Leaving – Natalie Blitt

Review: The Truth About Leaving – Natalie BlittThe Truth About Leaving by Natalie Blitt
Published by Amberjack Publishing
Published: March 5, 2019
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Lucy Green thought she had her senior year in the bag. Cute boyfriend? Check. College plan? Check.

But when her boyfriend dumps her the week before school starts and she literally stumbles into Dov, the new Israeli transfer student, on her first day of school, Lucy’s carefully mapped-out future crumbles.

Determined to have a good senior year, and too busy trying to hold her family together while her mom is across the country working, Lucy ignores the attraction she feels to Dov. But soon, Lucy and Dov’s connection is undeniable. Lucy begins to realize that sometimes, you have to open yourself up to chance. Even if the wrong person at the wrong time is a boy whose bravery you admire and who helps you find your way back to yourself.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

A few years back I read a book from a new debut author and I fell in live with it. So much so in fact I made a lot of people I know also read it and fall in love with it. That book was Natalie Blitt’s The Distance from A to Z. Since the I have been waiting for a new book from Natalie (I just found out about her two books published by Scholastic) to arrive and when I heard about The Truth About Leaving I was so ecstatic. And man did it live up to my over hyped expectations. It was so good. So good in fact I think I love it more that I did The Distance from A to Z.

The Truth About Leaving is the story of Lucy and Dov, two very different people on very different paths that cross and change both of them drastically. Lucy has everything figure out. She know where she is going to college and what she wants to study and what her life will look like. That is until her mom takes a job in a different state and Lucy’s boyfriend breaks up with her. Now Lucy is trying to find her footing and figure out what she really wants. When she literally runs into Dov, the new student from Israel, the two of them start to learn things about themselves and the world and use each other to figure out what they both want.

There aren’t enough words for me to tell you how much I actually love Lucy and Dov and their whole story. It is one of those rare books that you didn’t know you needed to read and it takes you completely by surprise. I laughed and I cried watch these two deal with life and responsibilities that an 18 year old doesn’t always have to deal with. They broke my heart a lot of the time when they fumbled through things and got scared and ran. They also filled me with so much love and hope. Simply put they are everything amazing about reading.

I waited years for this book and Natalie did not let me down. She gave me a book that wasn’t something I read a lot of in YA. She introduced me to a culture I now know more about, and two characters I hope are happy long after the pages end. I can’t say enough how much you need this book in your life. Go and get it as soon as humanly possible!

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Review: The Distance from A to Z – Natalie Blitt

Review: The Distance from A to Z – Natalie BlittThe Distance from A to Z by Natalie Blitt
Published by HarperCollins
Published: January 12th 2016
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This full-length novel by debut author Natalie Blitt is a pitch-perfect blend of Stephanie Perkins and Miranda Kenneally that proves the age-old adage: opposites attract.

Seventeen-year-old Abby has only one goal for her summer: to make sure she is fluent in French—well, that, and to get as far away from baseball and her Cubs-obsessed family as possible. A summer of culture and language, with no sports in sight.

That turns out to be impossible, though, because her French partner is the exact kind of boy she was hoping to avoid. Eight weeks. 120 hours of class. 80 hours of conversation practice with someone who seems to wear baseball caps and jerseys every day.

But Zeke in French is a different person than Zeke in English. And Abby can’t help but fall for him, hard. As Abby begins to suspect that Zeke is hiding something, she has to decide if bridging the gap between who she is and who he is is worth the risk.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I have been waiting a really really long time for The Distance from A to Z to come out. I’m a huge sucker for cute contemporary romances and I was told that this was a mere book by someone that read an early copy. But as excited I was for reading it I was weary when I saw it billed as a book for Stephanie Perkins and Miranda Kenneally lovers. To me those are hard shoes to fill. Stephanie and Miranda are two of my favorite YA contemporary authors and people so I did take pause. I knew I was going to read it but I did so with lower expectations. Now I can tell you I was wrong to do that because if you love Perkins and Kenneally you really will love The Distance from A to Z. So fun and fantastic.

I will admit if I was going to mark this book down for anything it was the French. There was a lot but the translations were always there so I couldn’t even fault the story for that. I mean French was a huge ‘character’ in the book so it made sense it was in there. Now the baseball thing in the other hand…give me all the baseball. I’m a huge huge fan on baseball so I loved that that was the thread through the story.

I loved the setting being on a college campus in New Hampshire. There is something about putting high school kids in a setting with less supervision that helps to make stories like The Distance from A to Z work for me. These kids were good and didn’t get into too much trouble so it made it make more sense that they had the amount of freedom they had. Plus I loved the trip that was thrown in. That really added to the story. It all was just written really well and just worked.

Zeke and Abby. Abby and Zeke. I flipping loved these two. They had that kind of friendship/relationship that I love reading about and watching in TV and movies. There was a natural chemistry and push pull. They had things in common but were so different in so many ways.  Because of those differences I fell in love with them. I constantly found myself wanting more of them and when I finished I wanted to know more of their story.

And then there was Alice and Abby’s brothers. They were all parts of the story but in the sidelines. We got to know a lot about them through Abby but I wanted more of all of them. Abby’s family sounded like so much fun (especially as the baseball fan I am) and Alice has a story that needs to be told. I loved her relationship with Abby. As people say soul mates don’t have to be romantic and Abby and Alice proved that.

This book was just what I needed. Actually I have said more than once that I feel like it was written for me. It had everything I love in a book and it left me wanting more. After 300ish pages, which I read 97% in a sitting, I ended just wanting more words. It was fun and emotional and just really well written. I had high hopes when I heard about this one and Natalie Blitt did not let me down. Don’t miss this really great book.

Currently Natalie has a promotion going on for us readers to get #MoreAtoZ. Check out this post to find out how to get an epilogue and a bonus scene!

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