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Review: I Killed Zoe Spanos – Kit Frick

Review: I Killed Zoe Spanos &#..

Knowing that I had a recent love for mystery/psychological thrillers, a friend recommended I Killed Zoe Spanos to me. Not that long ago the two of us read another thriller as a buddy read and when she heard about this one she thought it would be another one the two of us would enjoy together. I can report she was right. Unfortunately I read way ahead of her because once I started I couldn’t seem to stop, but we both agreed this was definitely exactly what we were hoping for. I Killed Zoe Spanos starts with Anna Ciccioni, a teenage […]

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Backlog Review: Slammed – Colleen Hoover

Backlog Review: Slammed –..

Talk about a disappointment. I’m honestly bummed that Slammed turned out the way it did for me. When I first started it I was really into it. Loved the idea, was mildly shocked by some of the events that unfolded and really loved not only the dynamic between Layken and Will, but the family relationship between Layken, her mom and her little brother. But the further I read the more muddled I found the book becoming and the more my frustration went up. And by the end I was sadly happy I was done reading what was once so promising. […]

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