What’s in My Bag? – Heather

When I first started the blog back in January I did a post on What’s in My Bag? that seemed to interest some people. It was fun to do and a nice way to see what kind of stuff people carry around with them. And that is exactly what I asked some of my ABCers if they would want to participate in my new series. I got a pretty great response, and I thank you for that. So without further ado, I give you my first participant: Heather.

MKBag What'sInMyBag-Heather1)  MICHAEL Michael Kors Kempton Small Tote:  One of my friends asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told her I was in need of a new bag.  She asked what size, what color, etc. and I told her that as long as I could use it year round, I was good.  I’m not good about changing my bag that often.  Yeah, I’m one of those girls.  Anyway, the friend I had the conversation with along with another friend, went together and got this beauty for me for Christmas.  I love it and it’s big enough to put my iPad or my Kindle/Nook or a real book in if I want to.  I also love the color!

2)  DSW Wallet:  Again this was a gift several years ago from the same two friends I got my bag from.  As you can tell, they are awesome gift givers! 🙂  I’m a fan of green, so I love this and sadly it’s on it’s last legs as I noticed it’s starting to tear near the coin pouch…that means shopping for a new one is going to be a must!

3)  Monthly Planner:  I’ve got so much going on both personally and at work that my Mom thought it would be helpful for me to have a small calendar to throw in my purse so I could keep up.  To be honest I haven’t used it as much as I probably should, but it’s nice to know it’s there if I need to reference a calendar.

4)  Pens & Markers:  I always have several pens and Sharpies in my bag.  I work events and often need a Sharpie for talent to sign an autograph or for me to mark on a box or what have you.  Never can have too many things to write with!

5)  Nikon COOL PIX camera:  My parents got this for me for my birthday two years ago.  I love to take photos and I wanted to have a camera that I could keep in my bag so that I was never without one.  Now that I have my iPhone, it is normally my go to, but I still often pull out this little guy because it takes awesome pictures even though it’s small.

6)  Lipstick and lip gloss:  These are my go to lip colors…REVLON’s ColorStay Mineral LipGlaze in Perpetual Plum, Maybelline’s Plum Paradise and N.Y.C.  Extreme Lip Glider Lip Gloss in Chinatown Cherry.  These are always in my purse so I’m never caught without them.

7)  My iPod:  Cocooned in a camera case for protection, my iPod is always along for the ride.  I’ve got an original iPod and love the thing to death!  I’ve got more music than can fit on it, so I often switch out my music since I listen to it on my iPod dock at my desk at the office all day, every day.

8)  My checkbook:  This actually came out of the wallet that is mentioned above, but due to all of the stuff I have in said wallet, it floats around in my purse by itself.

9)  Advil:  As someone with a surgically repaired ankle and who gets their share of headaches, there is no other option than to carry this stuff around.  It’s a lifesaver!

I should also mention that when I leave the house my iPhone and some sort of book or one of my eReaders is also in my bag.  Seeing as I was at home when I wrote this post, the phone was used to take the above photos and then was on the coffee table along with the book I’m reading. 😉

So there you have it, what’s in Heather’s bag. Check in next week to see what Brandy totes around.

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January Shopping

And this begins my monthly shopping posts. Every month I will show you what I have purchased and roughly what I have spent on those purchases. Some months will be higher than others and some months will have mostly nothing(highly unlikely knowing me). The purpose of this post, which I have seen on a lot of blogs, is a way for me to see just what I am spending and for you to see how you can spend on some sort of a budget.

 The Clothes


Gap and Old Navy were having a sale earlier this month and when Gap and Old Navy have a sale I usually take advantage of it for the things I have had my eye on. It started with some XMAS money I got in the form of an Old Navy gift card then moved on to the center sweater(#10) that I had been lusting over. It look a mind of its own from there. The other items, the J Crew items were purchased at the factory outlet store. I went with the mindset that I would love navy pixie pants but was unlikely to find them, to actually finding them for cheaper and a couple of other useful pieces.

1) Old Navy The Rockstar Jean Jacket
2) J Crew Pixie Pant
3) Gap Slim Cropped Refined Dot Pants
4) Old Navy The Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans
5) Old Navy Striped Tee Dresses
6) Old Navy The Rockstar Micro-Dot Skinny Jean
7) J Crew Toothpick Jean in Garment-Dyed Twill
8) Old Navy Striped Jersey Dresses
9) Old Navy Tab-Sleeve Plaid-Chiffon Shirt (purchased in black, no longer available)
10) Gap Intarsia chevron sweater

Not pictured:
1) J Crew Striped Shawl Front Cardigan
2) Target Mens Striped Buttoned Down

The Shoes


The shoes are pretty self explanatory. If you know me at all you know I have never met a shoe store I didn’t like. I went into DSW with the sole purpose of checking out the ballet flats. I had just recently purchased a pair of mintish green flats at Old Navy which I loved but weren’t the exact shade I was looking for. Seeing this Steve Madden pair(#2) and it being a style that I already had 3 other pairs in, I was sold immediately. From there it went downhill as I hit up the sale rack and the rest is as they say, history. However I did get the Sperry’s for under $50.00 and that just couldn’t be passed up. I haven’t decided if I will return them yet as they are the only pair I haven’t worn, but for right now they are part of my January purchases.

1) Sperry Top-Sider Intrepid Metallic Boat Shoe
2) Steve Madden Heaven Pastel Patent Flat
3) Adrienne Vittadini Monet Ballet Flat (out of stock)


Final 2 Items

shoe dress

I was originally done shopping for the month after my Gap shopping trip, but a deal came about at The Loft that I couldn’t pass up. I had a coupon for $20 off my purchase thanks to Loft credit card rewards and there was a coupon code for $50 off a regular price purchase of $100 or more so I got a steal on both items.

1) Farah Cap Top Ballet Flats
2) Gravity Stripe Ponte Shift Dress

All in all I probably spent about $200.00 this month of my own money with the rest being spent on gift cards I had received for Christmas. Not bad for all the things I got. A tad over my budget, but still not bad at all. What did you buy this month?

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Monopoly Money Monday

Today on Monopoly Money Monday I will spend my “$100.00” on a whole outfit. This was actually a lot harder then I thought it would be. I was trying to find pieces that would be worn again but were fun and on trend. After some scouring this is what I came up with:


Carly Knit Maxi Dress
Price: $29.90
This cute maxi dress could be worn for any occasion. Work, errands, dinner with friends, a date. It is very versatile and the bright magenta color really will make you turn heads.


Price: $44.98
What girl doesn’t like a cute pair of gladiator flats for the summer? The cognac color of the leather mixed with the gold back adds a richness to these simple summer staples.
Price: $12.94
This fun clutch will make any outfit pack a punch. The print is bright, but done with muted colors so it makes it completely wearable with just about anything.
I’m not gonna lie, I’m obsessed with long necklaces. I love how they add something to just about any outfit and are usually done with some kind of cool design.
Price: $ 3.80
I have pretty tiny wrists so I sometimes struggle with bracelets. But it doesn’t stop me from gawking and dreaming! Love the subtle touches of gold in this one.
Price: $4.75
Come on now, like I could have an outfit post without nail polish! I love the minty, turquoisey look of this color. Add a coral accent nail and you have an even different look for your manicure.
What outfit/look would you pull together for $100.00 of fake money?
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Ballet Flat Love

I am a ballet flat fanatic as of late. I mean I have always been in love with flats but on occasion felt they made me look dumpy. But I have been figuring out that it isn’t about the flat it is about the silhouette you wear with the flat. Because honestly I can’t imagine wearing my skinny jeans without a cute flat shoe to go with them. Below you will find my fave pairs I currently am wearing and a few pairs I am currently lusting after:


1) Old Navy Printed Canvas Ballet Flats
2) TAHARI Valerie Embellished Flats
3) Steve Madden Vegasss
4) Adrienne Vittadini Monet Ballet Flat
5) Steve Madden Heaven Pastel Patent Flat

Lusting after:

emerald1) Madwell The Sidewalk Skimmer in Emerald Satin


2) J. Crew Classic Cap Toe Ballet Flats in Vintage Raspberry


3) Forever 21 Pointed Faux Suede Flats in Fuchsia


4) Gap Printed Canvas Loafers in Black Leopard

What kind of flats are you dying to buy?

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