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Back Pages: Illuminae – Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

Back Pages: Illuminae – ..

In November I had a small idea for a blog tour called Back Pages. I wanted readers to go back and read those books they has been planning to and never got around to. I had every intention of hosting a legit blog tour for it. Well COVID happened and plans ended up changing while everyone got used to a new sort of normal. So while Back Pages isn’t going to happen has planned, I’m kicking off my new version of the plan with the review of my selected book.   Illuminae was an unexpected reading experience for me. I’m […]

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Review: Words in Deep Blue – Cath Crowley

Review: Words in Deep Blue ..

Confession: The subject matter for Words in Deep Blue made me cringe when I read the description. People writing in books? SAY WHAT??!!?? That sounds blasphemous.  But actually it was the perfect complement to Cath Crowley’s book about putting yourself back together when you think you will be broken forever. I guess that was the beauty of Words in Deep Blue. Rachel was completely broken. She was gutted after the loss of her brother and doesn’t really know how she fits in the world anymore. All of a sudden she finds herself back in the past she left behind and […]

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Blog Tour: Anna and the Swallow Man by Gavriel Savit

Blog Tour: Anna and the Swallo..

I had heard about Anna and the Swallow Man back in May at BEA. I was talking to a friend on the showroom floor and she mentioned the book and it had been in the back of my mind ever since. When I was contacted about reading it for a blog tour I immediately said yes. I knew it would be a tough read thanks to the subject matter and parts of it really were. But it was also just a beautifully written novel about survival. It’s hard to say exactly what happened in the book since we all know […]

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Mini Reviews #1

Mini Reviews #1

I’m the black sheep of the group with All the Bright Places. I know many many people loved this book, but I just couldn’t connect to it myself. I don’t know what it was but I didn’t cry or feel even the tiniest bit emotionally invested in Theodore and Violet’s story which made me sad. Honestly I kept having this feeling as I read that I would have loved Theodore and Violet in another book. There was something off putting to me about the humor added to a book that really was a very serious subject and because of that […]

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Review: The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

Review: The Book Thief –..

I’ve wanted to read The Book Thief for a while but I was pretty scared of it. I mean everyone seems to love this book. Really, really love this book. So I was very nervous. I bought it back in 2013 and basically it just sat on my Kindle untouched. That’s until Rachel picked it for my May Epic Rec read and I can now thank her for that. Was it my favorite book? No. But it was a really powerful, truthful book about a really bad part of history. There were a lot of pages and some slow moments, […]

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