Friday’s Fancies #9

Happy Halloween…a little eary! 🙂

Well today’s Friday’s Fancies is to share either a festive costume or something festive for the holiday. Since I haven’t dressed up in years, my last costume I was a homemade Stop Sign, I decided to do a festive outfit with a little playful hint of a costume. I know, I know, boring. But I’ve never been one for a creative costume idea. When I was younger I was a pumpkin for years, ragedy Anne for years and I think Aja from Jem and the Hollograms for more years. Believe it or not, the Stop Sign was my most original idea to date.

And now I ask, what are your Halloween plan? Will there be a costume involved or will you be more like me?  Comment and let me know!

*Friday’s Fancies is a weekly link-up hosted by Long Distance Loving

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Monopoly Money Monday Casual Weekend

MMM Casual Weekend

Doing some perusing for Monopoly Money Monday I came across this Goonie’s Sweatshirt and knew I had to pull together a cheap casual weekend look. I loved that movie so much and I may just need to spend my real money on this whole look. After all one of the movies best quotes…”Andi…YOU GOONIE!” Kind of perfect no? 😉

What movie would you wear on a shirt?

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Minty Fresh

Minty Fresh

Minty Fresh by andiabcs featuring madewell


It’s safe to say that mint is my color of choice in the spring/summer. It’s such a fun, classic color that can be paired with so many colors that is almost seems like a neutral. Not to mention it reminds me of ice cream which is never a bad thing. Lately I have been try to grow my mint collection of clothes/accessories/nail polishes and I’ve been pretty successful. I’m not there yet but I’m getting there.

Below are some outfits idea that incorporate my personal color of the year:


Mint Wristlet

Mint Wristlet by andiabcs featuring j.crew tops

Mint Stripes

Mint Stripes by andiabcs featuring j crew t shirts

Mint Skirt

Mint Skirt by andiabcs featuring j crew

Mint Wedges

Mint Wedges by andiabcs featuring a long sleeve cardigan

How do you wear mint? What color would you pair it with?

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Monopoly Money Monday

Trying to come up with something for Monopoly Money Monday I came across this dress and knew immediately it was time for a one dress outfit post. Using the dress as the main focal point I built an outfit around it that can be worn just about anywhere and is the low cost of $98.97! Not too shabby!

MMM Dress Look

Mini dress

Pewter sandals

Charlotte russe jewelry

Sally hansen nail polish

Not gonna lie, MMM is getting harder and harder to do so I could use your help. Comment, email, tweet me, any and all ideas of things you would like to see in MMM. I do this blog to hopefully give you what you want to see so I’m open to any and all feedback. Keep fancy ABCers!

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March Shopping

Okay, I will be the first to say that I spent a lot of money this month. But that being said I knew going into the month that I would. Typically March is when I find a lot of my end of winter bargains and get my taxes back which I use a portion of to replenish the wardrobe and retreat from the winter blues. For all that I got, I’m considering this month a money well spent month. I got some great pieces that will certainly last me and can be used in a variety of seasons.

March Shopping

March Shopping by andiabcs featuring a long sleeve sweater

Not shown:
H&M(not available on line)
3 basic boat neck 3/4 length sleeve tops; white, green, navy and white stripped: $12.95 ea.
1 Plaid Button Down: on sale $10.00
2 Printed Skinny Pants: $12.95 ea.

May Designs
2014 Agenda: 40% off pd. $12.00
Lined Note Book: 40% off pd. $10.20
Note Cards: 40% off pd. $18.00

Sally Hansen
Mermaid’s Tale: $8.29

Barnes & Noble
Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan: $7.99

JCrew Factory
3/4 Sleeve Color Block Tee: 30% off pd. $20.65

2 Men’s Button Down Shirts: clearance $16.99 ea.

All items total come to a whopping $633.40, but $118.91 will be paid in April when the credit card statement comes in. My budget for the month was $500.00 and with that money taken off I spent $514.49 for March, only $14.49 over my budget. I’m pretty pleased with myself.

That said there will be no April wishlist or shopping for that matter. I have challenged myself, and a few others have joined me, to not buy anything in April (post up tomorrow for anyone interested). I am going to “shop my closet” and see what I can come up with. I’ll post OOTD posts on Instagram so follow me there is you want to see what I’m up to. Now, what to wear next?!

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