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My name is Andi and I have a vest obsession. It’s okay. I’m fine with it. I’ve made peace with this obsession and have embraced it. I’ve embraced it so much that I added two of the above just this year. It is now a way of life for me. It all started a few years ago and then got worse with my J Crew love.

Anyway, I like vests and I like styling vests. It is fun to come up with ways to wear them on not so cold days here in Boston. So today I bring you 4 vests I own and 4 looks I love, one for each vest. Some of the pieces in the looks I have, so I just love the idea of. But I promise you this, I will be wearing these vest a lot so I would stay tuned, and by stay tuned I mean follow me on Instagram.






So tell me, how do you wear your vest? Which look do you like the best?

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The ABCs #19


Welcome to The ABCs. Stop by every week to link-up and check out what other people are lusting over, looking at, interested in. Feel free to use the banner above, but just give me credit. And if you do link-up make sure you link back to my blog in your post. This is also opened to Instagram and Twitter if you don’t have a blog. You can just link your post to which ever site you are using below and use the hashtag #TheABCsStyle. Check the introduction post for “rules”.


Steve Madden – Donddi
There is a pair of J Crew flat, jeweled sandals going around the internet that I’m in love with but my wallet can’t afford. I came across these Steve Madden ones that are similar without the jewels. For the price I can just sparkle elsewhere.

Homemade Bookmark
So I made this bookmark for the Andi Spring Exchange for my partner because she is cuckoo about Anna and the French Kiss like I am. After making it I got the bug to make a couple more for other books. I already have the plastic slips and some of the embellishments so this is definitely going to be a thing now.

Banana Republic
I don’t shop here really at all. I love the clothes and the style but I never seem to find anything that I MUST have. That is until I came across this outfit on the site. Now I want all the pieces. LOVE!

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Friday Fancies #2

I was a huge fan of the Charley sweater, from J Crew Factory, this summer. It was the perfect piece to throw on with a nice pair of shorts and sandals to look put together. It wasn’t heavy and had a great sleeve length. Personally I bought about 4 or 5 because I knew one thing, it is also the perfect piece to wear in the fall. It is one of those classic transition pieces that you know you can get multiply wears out of and that it won’t have to sit in a plastic bin waiting for summer to finally return.
Transition Time

What is your transition piece that you can take from summer into fall? Did you buy it with that purpose in mind or realize its versatility when you wore it?

*Friday’s Fancies is a weekly link-up hosted by Long Distance Loving

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Anchor Sweaters

Anchor Sweaters

It’s no lie that I love a good anchor sweater. I can’t help it. I see one and I want, need, have to have it. Above are three of my favorites that were/are sold at JCrew Factory. Sadly I missed out on the navy with the grey anchor version, but I go have the beige one and my eye is totally on the red anchor. I NEED that one badly! I can’t wear sold red, but I think the red anchor will be okay.  Anyway, when I saw these three items in my Polyvore list I thought it would be fun to style each one a different way knowing they can all be switched out with a few tweaks.

Anchor Outfits

And there you have it. Three different anchor sweaters, three different style ideas. What do you think? How would you style an anchor sweater? Would you buy an anchor sweater?

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