What’s in my Shopping Cart?


And given day if you check my shopping carts on line you will indeed find stuff in almost all of them. I love to add stuff and convince myself I will buy it only to talk myself out of it when I’m in the check out. It’s a habit that I don’t actually want to break. I like to see what I want all in one place, or on one sight anway. So what am I after these days? Well clothes, books and stuff for my new FoxyDori.


notepaper2     notepaper3





notepaper6     notepaper8


So, what is currently in your shopping carts on line?



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The ABCs #23


Welcome to The ABCs. Stop by every week to link-up and check out what other people are lusting over, looking at, interested in. Feel free to use the banner above, but just give me credit. And if you do link-up make sure you link back to my blog in your post. This is also opened to Instagram and Twitter if you don’t have a blog. You can just link your post to which ever site you are using below and use the hashtag #TheABCsStyle. Check the introduction post for “rules”.


Kate Spade New York – ‘Hello Sunshine’ iPhone 5 & 5S Case
If you follow me on twitter you know I just got the iPhone 5S so I am now trying to rebuild my case collection. I already have 5 of them, but this is the next one that will be added and it will happen sooner rather than later I think.

Barbie Collector Divergent Four Doll
I. NEED. THIS. That is all.

Target – Mossimo Women’s Strapless Maxi
Another week, another maxi. I can’t help it. I love them. I really am digging the ruffle on this one. It isn’t something I would normally gravitate to but I can’t help it. Plus you, stripes.

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Friday’s Fancies #16

Comfortable clothes have to be the best creation ever. There is nothing like going home after a long day of work and just changing into something you can cuddle on the couch in. Since Christmas is so close today’s Friday’s Fancies was something you could wear and be snuggley in on Christmas day. So what else would I pick but my favorite J Crew Factory leggins and a nice comfy sweater and my dream ballet flats?! It was a no brainer really. So tell me ABCers, what is your snuggled up ensemble?


*Friday’s Fancies is a weekly link-up hosted by Long Distance Loving

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Monopoly Money Monday

I Twitter I threw out the question on ideas for Monopoly Money Monday and got a few responses from savy ABCers. Kristin was the first to chime in and she suggested a swimwear option. Not really a huge fan of the bathing suit, I mean what woman really is?!, I at first said no but then changed my mind. I decided why not?! I’m getting a pool come this summer, so I’m going to be spending a lot of time in said swim suit. I took my “$100” and went shopping and this is what I came up with:

Pool Party

Not too shabby for a little over $100 bucks!  How would you spend your money on pool/beach style?

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Monopoly Money Monday

Target Edition

This edition of Monopoly Money Monday is slightly different. Instead of taking $100.00 and spend it on just one option, i.e. nail polish, books, jewelry, I decided to show you how you can buy three different outfits at one store with around $100.00 depending on the occasion or style you are going for. What kind of outfit would you get at Target for just $100.00(give or take)?

Look #1Look #2Look #3

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