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Review: The Ex Talk – Rachel Lynn Solomon

Review: The Ex Talk – Ra..

Over summer 2020 I read my first Rachel Lynn Solomon book, Today Tonight Tomorrow, a YA contemporary that essentially took place over one night in Seattle, and I fell in love. I loved the way Rachel told a story and the way she used the city to be a character. I knew I needed to keep an eye out for whatever was next from her so imagine my surprise when I saw I didn’t have to wait long. The Ex Talk, an adult romance, was coming out in January. Immediately I knew I needed to read it and let me […]

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Review: Happy Singles Day – Ann Marie Walker

Review: Happy Singles Day R..

Ever come a cross a book that just takes you completely by surprise? You know you will enjoy it based off the description, but you are shocked just how much you enjoy it when you are done? Happy Singles Day was one of those books for me. It was so completely unexpectedly delightful. Between the characters and the story and the setting I was done for. It hit all the check marks of a story I love with one shortcoming…it was too short. Happy Singles Day is the story of Paige Parker, a professional organizer. Paige is an obsessive worker […]

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Review: You Have a Match – Emma Lord

Review: You Have a Match ̵..

I became an immediate fan of Emma Lord as soon as I read her debut, Tweet Cute. She had a writing style and a vibe about her story telling that just clicked for me. So it was a no brainer when I heard about her sophomore novel, You Have a Match. I added it to my TBR without even knowing what it was about. She had quickly become an auto buy author. And I have to say You Have a Match was a solid sophomore book. You Have a Match is about Abby, a high school student that takes a […]

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Review: Loverboy – Sarina Bowen

Review: Loverboy – Sarin..

I became a Sarina Bowen fan because of her hockey books. I loved her series Brooklyn Bruisers and Brooklyn, not to mention her co-written books Him and Us. So when the Brooklyn books got a companion series, The Company, I was really curious to see how my feeling would change. And honestly, they didn’t. Just like Sarina’s hockey romance, I love her romantic suspense books. I enjoyed Alex and Bayer’s story in Moonlighter, and I really enjoyed Gunnar and Posey’s in Loverboy. Loverboy is about Gunnar a former bartender that is now working at The Company as private security. When […]

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Review: Admission – Julie Buxbaum

Review: Admission – Juli..

When the college admissions scandal broke I was glued to the news like a lot of others. I couldn’t believe what was happening and wanted to know more. So when I heard about Admission and how it was inspired by the scandal I was really interested and excited to see a fictionalized version of it. And although I enjoyed it, a lot of the time I felt like I was reading the news and there was just a little too much going on in the long run. Admission is about Chloe, the daughter of a B-List celebrity, who is thrilled […]

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