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Review: Finale-Stephanie Garber

Review: Finale-Stephanie Garbe..

The final book in a series always, always worries me. I get so invested in the characters and the story and have an idea in my head how I want it to end. Sometimes I am let down because my idea doesn’t happen and sometimes I am blown away because it doesn’t end how I expected at all and it is utterly perfect. It never fails though, final books make me anxious but they also make me extremely excited because I get to see how it all wraps up. Since I read Caravel in 2016 I was sucked into the […]

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Review: Legendary – Stephanie Garber

Review: Legendary – Step..

When I love a series debut I tend to get nervous for the next book. Whether is is a continuous story or a companion, I worry what will happen to the people/couple I have grown to love and be invested in. It truly makes me anxious. And that feeling was strong when I started Legendary. How did I feel when I was done? Broken. I was completely broken by how amazing the book was. If I’m honest, I loved it more than Caraval and I wasn’t sure that would happen. I think what I ended up loving the most about […]

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Review: The Hazel Wood – Melissa Albert

Review: The Hazel Wood –..

When I first picked up The Hazel Wood I was really excited for a book that would use a modern time but throw fairytales into it. It seemed almost like a Once Upon a Time kind of a vibe based on the description. Sadly the book and my reading aesthetic just didn’t mesh as well as I wanted it to. I felt like I was wondering what was happening and what I was reading the whole book and I never quite jived with it. It also started really slow for me. It took a good 25% for me to feel […]

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Review: If I Was Your Girl – Meredith Russo

Review: If I Was Your Girl ..

I came across If I Was Your Girl completely by chance. Some friends were talking about it so I looked it up and  week later it was in my house on my “read” shelf. I knew reading the description that the book would be powerful but I didn’t know just how powerful until I read it. The thing about If I Was Your Girl is that it makes you think and it makes you feel things you don’t expect to feel and look at things you kind of take for granted. It has a way of opening your eyes to […]

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