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Blog Tour – Once and for All by Sarah Dessen: Book Inspired Wedding Invite + giveaway

Blog Tour – Once and for..

I’ve been a Sarah Dessen fan for a while (even got to meet her a couple of years ago) and I’m excited to get to be a stop on her tour for her newest book, Once and for All, out June 6th. When reading this book, one of my top three Dessen books, I was inspired by a lot of different things. But my top inspiration was the wedding theme and the flowers and colors of the book cover. Scroll after the book and author info to see the wedding invitation I created by this inspiration. PRH Website: http://bit.ly/2rVGWW4 Amazon: […]

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Blog Tour: Review – Kids of Appetite by David Arnold

Blog Tour: Review – Kids..

Kids of Appetite was my introduction to David Arnold. I had never read his debut novel, Mosquitoland, so I had no idea really want to expect from his writing. I have to say I was surprised by what I found. The story for me was confusing at times, like I had no idea why things were happening. Like I read the back of the book and for some reason created an idea on what Kids of Appetite would be like and I was wrong so that through me off. But really it just made the story a little more complicated. […]

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Mini Reviews #1

Mini Reviews #1

I’m the black sheep of the group with All the Bright Places. I know many many people loved this book, but I just couldn’t connect to it myself. I don’t know what it was but I didn’t cry or feel even the tiniest bit emotionally invested in Theodore and Violet’s story which made me sad. Honestly I kept having this feeling as I read that I would have loved Theodore and Violet in another book. There was something off putting to me about the humor added to a book that really was a very serious subject and because of that […]

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Review: I Was Here – Gayle Forman

Review: I Was Here – Gay..

To be honest, it’s rare that I meet a Gayle Forman book that I don’t love. If I Stay? Loved it. Where She went? Broke me. Just One Day? Amazing. Just One Year? A different kind of love. So I had very very high hopes for I Was Here. And I admit I was a little nervous since it is Forman’s first standalone since her debut which I thought was just okay. But after reading I Was Here I was put at ease. The book was excellent and quintessentially Gayle Forman. I Was Here is about Cody and Meg, inseparable […]

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Review: Althea and Oliver – Cristina Moracho

Review: Althea and Oliver R..

Althea & Oliver was a book I had never heard of when it was first mentioned to me. I had no idea what it was about and when I looked it up I was immediately intrigued. I’m a sucker for best friend kind of love stories. It honestly is one of my favorite book plots. But upon reading Althea & Oliver I quickly learned it was nothing like your typical best friend love story. It was a book in an entirely different class all together and I really enjoyed it. Althea & Oliver is about two best friends that have […]

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