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So far we have checked in with Heather and Brandy to see what they carry around. Now it is Emma’s, from Miss Print, turn.


What’s in my Bag?

I’ve always wanted to do a post like this, so when Andi asked for guest posters I jumped at the chance.

So here’s a picture of most of what’s in my bag at any given time:

1. Tic Tacs: I always carry breath mints of some sort because they’re handy after meals and also because I do not always travel well and sometimes having a mint helps. (The only downside is sometimes they make a rattling sound when I move my bag. Awkward.)

2. Chap Stick: This particular one is Burt’s Bees Rose Tinted Lip Balm. I always need chapstick and I’ve been trying out this one to have some color. It works surprising well and I don’t need to worry about it leaking the way I do with lip gloss tubes.

3. Comb: I stole this from my mom. Since I’ve been letting my hair grow again I’ve discovered that having a comb is pretty handy.

5. iPod Classic: Somewhere between high school and now I became a person who has a ton of music so I like having a big iPod to store them all. (I added a decal to it and wrapped my earphones to pretty it up.)

6. Tissues: I have allergies. All the time. Enough said.

7. Pen: I don’t carry paper all the time but I do like having a pen. This one is supposed to last seven years!

8. Wallet: Self-explanatory. After a lot of trial and error I discovered I prefer a trifold wallet with lots of pockets and slots. This one is a Kipling Mickey wallet from their Gorilla Girlz collection which has been discontinued.

9. Hand Sanitizer: I’m a bit of a germaphobe so this is a must have for when soap and water isn’t handy.

10. Flash Drive: I have about five backups of my files at any given time. This particular drive has all my digital photos back to 1998 as well as old school work, writings and so on.

11. Business Cards: I use Moo.com to get mini cards to give out to people I want to tell about my blog.

12. Business Cards Too: I also have full-size cards my mom designed for me with more information (address, phone) that I can also give to people.

13. MetroCard: Public transportation card in a spiffy holder from the Met Museum.

14. Keys: I collect keychains so I change it up a lot. Currently my keys have a wooden Japanese doll my mom gave me for Christmas in 2009. The Hello Kitty is another flash drive from my aunt. (It loads faster than the big one so I like having it if I am out and want to work on a file.)

15: Pill box: I always have allergy pills and Tylenol on hand. I have a collection of pill boxes. I like this one because it looks like a capsule.

16. Compact Mirror: Did I mention I like Hello Kitty? Anyway, I like having a small mirror. Just because.

I also always carry my phone but I was using it to photograph everything else.

They don’t always fit in my bag but generally I will also have a notebook and a book to read either shoved into my bag or in a tote. (A book would probably fit in my bag but I worry about damage and also I’m trying to be conscientious about using all the totes I have and being kinder to my shoulders which means distributing weight.)

I just recently switched from (another discontinued) Kipling bag to a smaller Fossil Key-Per one (also discontinued).

This is the Fossil Bag: here

I used to have a hard time fitting things into it but I finally sat down and really thought about how to configure the bag and now it’s working great!

And there you have the lovely Emma’s bag. Next week find out what Angie is carrying around.

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