The Plan: Welcoming Erin Condren to my Life

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Organization. It is a huge thing that I struggle with in my real life. For my blog I am over the top organized with a schedule and calendar to know when I need to post and what. But on a daily basis I am one of those people that stores all the information in my head and never write anything down. Some weeks it isn’t a problem. Others I feel like I have no idea what I need to get done and when I have other commitments. It can be a struggle and I don’t want it to be anymore.

Enter Erin Condren.


I know, if you follow me you are wondering what about my Foxy Dori that I love so much? well she is still going strong. But she has her own purpose now and it is for my blog and my TBR list. Erin Condren has become a planner for my work and real life.

Why Erin Condren you ask? Well that’s easy, Karen Akins. πŸ™‚ She did a post for me on her favorite things and talked up her planner. So I did some research and I fell in love with the idea of it. I used to scrapbook and was able to be creative that way and I lost that somewhere along the way. The EC Life Planner is the perfect way to get that back. So I made my order:


She finally came the other day (with the extra covers that I ordered thanks to a sale) and I’m in love. I love the cover I picked and so happy I picked the gold coil. It kind of makes me really happy.

So with step one complete, the planner, I was able to go to my FAVORITE place on the internet and make some sticker purchases. Below are some of the shops I have ordered from and the stickers I got. I will link you to the shops but be sure to check them out on Instagram too as they constantly do coupon codes.


Rory’s Sweet Addiction
I am in charge of the trash and recycle at my house so I thought these little stickers would be perfect in my weekly planner spreads. And the Patriots helmets…well duh. The other two sheet were freebies.


The Glam Planner
These sets are harder to come by. Elle (the shop owner) posts a bunch of kits at a designated time on Fridays usually. You have to act fast or they will be gone. I knew I wanted this kit after I watched her Plan With Me video on YouTube. The little monster sheet was the freebie.


Even Layers
I first shopped at Even Layers for the Amazon stickers. You know how much I love my Amazon as a book blogger. Figured it was perfect for tracking when I needed to order something or when I would be charged for a preorder or even my Prime renewal. When I was looking in her shop I found the Paris theme planner stickers and this other adorable grey and green mini kit. The small sheet was the freebie.


Cricket Paper Co.
I bought from this shop first because I was in love with the full boxes in the sheet up in the top right hand corner. They were so pretty and girly and preppy at the same time. But as I have learned you can’t just buy one sheet. So I did some more shopping and realized how amazing this shop is. I will definitely be ordering more. The smaller sheet at the top was the freebie.


It’s Planning Time
Not gonna lie, I bought from this shop because of the coffee freebie. I saw it on Instagram and I wanted it because it was so cute. When I looked through her shopΒ  though I really liked what I saw. I kept the order small but I do have a kit coming soon that I order last week.


Whimsical Flamingo Co
This shop is huge on doing 50% off “Flash Sales”, usually on Friday. I came across the Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks stickers one day and saved them in my cart until a code popped up on Instagram. Found the other two kits and went for it. I’ll be buying more. Small sheet is the freebie.


The Preppy Planner
This shop! Oh this shop! I had a hard time narrowing down just what I was going to buy from this one. I love everything. The Lilly Pulitzer inspired, the preppiness, the LL Bean boots. The struggle was real guys. The freebie was a huge sheet actually which was really nice. It is the one in the top right corner.


That Moxie Chick Studio
Probably my favorite out of all the stickers I bought (I already have 2 more orders pending). I love all the designs and color combinations in this shop. I mean is the pink set not me with my love of Anna and the French Kiss?? And those blue boxes are EVERYTHING! Bonus that I found out later, the shop owner used to be a book blogger and she is friends with one of my friends. I was actually given 3 freebies with this order, the middle top, the animals and the blue embellishment girls. Side note: You can always get a code for this shop as she has a PR crew on Instagram always supporting her. And she does a $2 Tuesday deal every week.


And you can’t plan without washi tape. I had some of this and I purchased some more recently from Target and Michaels and have purchased even more from Etsy and another site that I should have soon. Washi for life.

So how does all of this translate to the inside of my planner?


Gotta say, I’m kind of loving it for my first spread and I can’t wait to do more.

If you are interested in getting your own Erin Condren feel free to use my code and save $10 off your purchase.

And if you are interested in me doing blog posts on my spreads once a month please let me know. I will gladly share if you are interested.

Okay, off to troll Etsy for more stickers (until I perfect making my own). Stay tuned!

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20 responses to “The Plan: Welcoming Erin Condren to my Life

  1. Between you Jenn and others I know you are really pulling on my love of planners! I do so adore planners and love this idea…but I just don’t know if I’d stick with it. I’ll usually buy a planner and use it for a few months before starting to slack off and then stopping all together.

  2. I love it! I am also a huge planner nut. I’ve used Erin Condren before, but I really like having a a ring planner so I stopped using my Erin Condren. An d I love Elle’s planning videos. (Also, YES I would love to see a post about yours everyone month).

    I really love those Amazon stickers. I think I’m going to have to snag a sheet of those. Last week I actually drove 2.5 hours to get one of the Kate Spade Rose Gold planners and i love it so much. Seriously, I love her. I named her Audrey. She’s very classy πŸ™‚

    I love your washi tape, too. I actually have some from that package of blue and pink. I have the floral one (I just love floral washi) and I have the one second from the bottom. The one with the stripes. I actually love that one because it goes so well with so many other washis.

    Anyway, enjoy your Erin Condren!

    Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook recently posted: Audio Review: As You Wish by Cary Elwes with Joe Layden
    • It’s so hard knowing when to not buy the stickers when you want ALL OF THEM! πŸ˜€ And I love that you named her Audrey. I want one but I’m not near a Kate Spade. Not meant to me I guess. Oh well.

  3. I will just sit here singing that TEMPTED BY THE PLANNER Of ANOTHER song like…

    But for real, this makes me want to buy a nice Erin Condren planner and stickers and washi tape even though I have no artistic skills and plan my life. Like you, I am not entirely the most organized person in real life. Unlike you, same for blogging. Maybe a tricked out planner might help.

    I did just print off a blogging binder the other night though from this website Blogging Babes, and that helps. It’s pink – which motivates me. But, that planner is way more gorgeous.

    April Books & Wine recently posted: Famous In Love by Rebecca Serle | Book Review
  4. You got White Bridal πŸ™‚ It’s soooo pretty!!! I use Erin Condren for my blog and youtube life. I just use my iCal for everyday. Hadn’t heard of Foxi Dory before, but I am intrigued! Going to check it out now πŸ™‚

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