Capeside Revisited: The ABCs…Dawson’s Creek Style

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Dawson’s Creek. Is there another more iconic late 90s/early 2000s show? It went up against Beverly Hills, 90210 in the ratings. It basically set the mold from great teen television on the WB. This kids were smart and sassy and talked about real world problems (the ridiculous thing with Joey wearing a wire aside). It brought that adorable smile of Pacey Witter into all of our lives and our home and the Joey and Pacey OTP into my world. But it also brought fashion. Each of the main 4 characters (Joey, Dawson, Pacey, and Jen) had their own personality and style.

When Rachel asked me to be a part of Capeside Revisited I knew exactly what kind of post I needed and it was an ABCs post for those kids from “Dawson’s River” (see 10 Things I Hate About You IMMEDIATELY if you don’t get that reference!).



Accessory: SemiPro MiniDV Tape Camcorder
In the first season Dawson was NEVER without a camera. It was the whole point of the first few shows and what also slowly made him a boring character that never saw the big picture unless through a lens. Definitely his accessory of choice.

Books: Steven Spielberg: A Retrospective
Dawson and his love of Steven Spielberg is well documented through out the series. Actually it is a huge part of his character all the way to the very last seen of the series. This would 100% be his book of choice.

Clothes: Commando Sweater Vest
Dawson loved his sweater vests. Seriously he wore them a lot…or it just seemed like he did.



Accessory: Stainless Steel Drinking Flask
Jen Lindley was not the good girl. Actually she went through a phase during the series where she drank and smoked a lot. This would be her accessory of choice for that season.

Book: The F-It List by Julie Halpern
Jen would love this book. It is a little crude and a lot of true. It definitely be the YA book of choice for the resident bad girl with a heart of gold.

Clothes: GUESS Jordan Faux Leather Jacket
Jen had a style that was a mix of girly and rocker/bad girl. This would totally be her kind of jacket in the later years of the series. She would pair it with boot leg jeans, boots and a tank top with a messenger bag.



Accessories: 80pc Art Set
Joey Potter is an artist. I mean Pacey got her a freaking wall in season 3 for her to paint. Not to mention the art episode with Jack in season 2. The art thing dropped off some as the series progressed but if it would have brought in money I think that is the route Joey would have went in the long run.

Books: Little Women by Louisa May Allcott
Joey actually talks about her love of this book in season 3 when visiting a school in Boston. Come to find out Joey was named after Jo in Little Women so it is special to her.

Clothes: JCrew Chambray, White Shorts, Anchor Bikini Top
Joey was the epitome of a tom boy when the series started. She had her moment when she dressed up and got girly but for most of the first season and parts of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th, you will find her in shorts, a denim shirt and a bikini top. It basically became her uniform.



Accessories: Polaroid Wayfarer Sunglases
Pacey Witter always seemed to have a pair of sunglasses with him in the Capeside seasons (1-4). He switched them up between aviators and the pair above. Although I love a good aviator on a guy (I’m looking at you Chris Hemsworth), this style just suited him and the character better.

Books: Sailboat Refinishing
Pacey may not have been the smartest in school. He was more the class clown. But he was able to do something few thought he could, he refinished a sail boat and sailed off on it for three months. The True Love will forever be one of my favorite TV story arcs and it is all because of Pacey.

Clothes: Palm Print Short Sleeve Button Down
If you ever watched Dawson’s Creek you know this kind of shirt was a style staple for Pacey. I think he wore nothing but these for 4, maybe 5 straight seasons. I can’t imagine what Dawson’s would have looked like with out these kind of shirts.


And there you have it, my Dawson’s Creek ABCs. My regularly scheduled ABCs posts will be back next week but I must admit this was fun.

Make sure you check out Rachel, Estelle, Alex and Tiff‘s blogs this week for more Capeside revisited!

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7 responses to “Capeside Revisited: The ABCs…Dawson’s Creek Style

  1. Perfection. Since rewatching the series, I’m kinda seeing Jen as less of a bad girl and more misunderstood, so I might have gone with a different accessory. She really likes heeled black boots, so I might have gone with that?

    Other than that, you nailed it. Especially what you said about Dawson getting boring because he could only see things through a lens. Yup. YUP. I just wish you had specified that the vest had to be XXXL =P

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