Monogram Love and a Giveaway{CLOSED}


One thing I have seemed to notice that has become a huge trend is monogram items. They are everywhere! From shirts to necklaces(I wear an A necklace myself) to iPhone cases to planners. You name it and you can get it monogrammed. The days of only having your initials on your LL Bean canvas tote is over. You can go wild and even get your Louis Vuitton. It is all matter of style, taste and design. Once you know what you want and how you want it you are good to go. With that said there are a TON of websites out there that you can find exactly what you are looking for. Below are a few of the ones I have come across and are favorites of mine.

May Designs:
Logo designer, Mica May, was always a notebook junkie – but couldn’t find the PERFECT one. On a whim, she began designing them for herself, with patterns + insides she wanted. Clients & friends wanted them too, so she threw some patterns up online and May Books was born nearly overnight.

Dear BaubleBar Shoppers, our story began seven years ago in New York City, where we became fast friends after bonding over our love for afternoon shopping breaks at Saks Fifth Avenue, located a dangerous two blocks away from our demanding jobs in finance.

In the midst of a shopping spree, we had an epiphany: despite owning piles of shoes, closets full of handbags and fistfuls of pashminas, fashion jewelry was the one accessory that had yet to capture meaningful space in our closets.

We began to wonder why…

Swanky Press:
Swanky Press is your one-stop shop for all the latest invitations, party goods, and hip, personalized gifts. The majority of our designs are exclusive to Swanky Press, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

Swanky Press believes that you should get exactly what you are looking for – not the closest thing that a big retailer happens to sell. We are happy to add touches and tweaks that make your personalized items unique to you. All of our designs include font and color changes at no additional charge.

After ordering, you are sent digital proofs by a real designer, not an automated ‘bot. Swanky Press never charges extra for proofs and tweaks. Your designer will work with you until your proof fits your style perfectly – offering any special touches you need. Unlike the big-box sellers, your personal designer will hand-typeset your order, making sure the layout & design perfectly complement your greeting and/or photos.

Minnie & Emma:
With a love of all things printed, Minnie and Emma Correspondence was created by a group of New York City designers who love smart design and clever execution. Loving the look of luxury correspondence at a reasonable price, Minnie and Emma Correspondence allows you to communicate in a simple and tasteful way. Push the envelope and work with our designers to create something unique to you. Of course, Letterpress printing is also available.

iomoi is the go-to destination for your lifestyle: for you and for your gifting needs.

A luxury, lifestyle brand, iomoi is defined by a timeless aesthetic with a modern twist and a wink. iomoi’s designs and products reflect the personal style of co-founders Irene Chen and Matthew Grenby.

And in honor of my love of all things monogram I will be giving away a monogrammed notebook from May Design’s to a lucky ABCer. You will have the option to design it yourself or give yours truly free reign. Please fill out the form below and tell me which you would prefer, me or you. Contest ends at 11pm EST on March 28th with a winner selected at random on March 29th and notified by email. Sorry, giveaway is US only.

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The Colors of Love, er um, Pink and Red

Well if you are anything like me, you loathe Valentine’s Day. Well not loathe, that is too strong a word, maybe mildly dislike. All the over priced flowers and candy and dinners. The little chubby cupid decorations all over the place and an abundance of hearts. To me it used to be a day I would wear black in protest. Bust as time has passed and I have evolved so has my Valentine’s Day style. Now instead of following a lot of the world’s population, I use the colors of love, pink and red in my own way.



Stripes, riding boots, skinny jeans and a pink bag?! Um yes please! I am insane about mixing these pieces together. If stripes aren’t for you, substitute a button down shirt or a turtle neck sweater.


This is my, “I wish I had a ton of money” side talking. I mean come on, a Gucci bag and Christian Louboutin heels? Yeah like I could afford that. But doesn’t it look so pretty together? I figure this is my blog, I can fantasize if I want.


I love mixing mint, navy and bright pink together. It is an unexpected color combination that I think works. If the pink of this shoe is too bright, think about a blush colored shoe for the same effect. And I don’t have to say anything about the bag. If you read you know how I feel about Michael and his Hamilton tote.

So, how do you wear the colors of love, red and pink?

Also today is the last day to enter the Giveaway for a Miranda Kenneally pre-order. Get your entries in by 11:59pm EST. Winner emailed on Monday February 11th.

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January Shopping

And this begins my monthly shopping posts. Every month I will show you what I have purchased and roughly what I have spent on those purchases. Some months will be higher than others and some months will have mostly nothing(highly unlikely knowing me). The purpose of this post, which I have seen on a lot of blogs, is a way for me to see just what I am spending and for you to see how you can spend on some sort of a budget.

 The Clothes


Gap and Old Navy were having a sale earlier this month and when Gap and Old Navy have a sale I usually take advantage of it for the things I have had my eye on. It started with some XMAS money I got in the form of an Old Navy gift card then moved on to the center sweater(#10) that I had been lusting over. It look a mind of its own from there. The other items, the J Crew items were purchased at the factory outlet store. I went with the mindset that I would love navy pixie pants but was unlikely to find them, to actually finding them for cheaper and a couple of other useful pieces.

1) Old Navy The Rockstar Jean Jacket
2) J Crew Pixie Pant
3) Gap Slim Cropped Refined Dot Pants
4) Old Navy The Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans
5) Old Navy Striped Tee Dresses
6) Old Navy The Rockstar Micro-Dot Skinny Jean
7) J Crew Toothpick Jean in Garment-Dyed Twill
8) Old Navy Striped Jersey Dresses
9) Old Navy Tab-Sleeve Plaid-Chiffon Shirt (purchased in black, no longer available)
10) Gap Intarsia chevron sweater

Not pictured:
1) J Crew Striped Shawl Front Cardigan
2) Target Mens Striped Buttoned Down

The Shoes


The shoes are pretty self explanatory. If you know me at all you know I have never met a shoe store I didn’t like. I went into DSW with the sole purpose of checking out the ballet flats. I had just recently purchased a pair of mintish green flats at Old Navy which I loved but weren’t the exact shade I was looking for. Seeing this Steve Madden pair(#2) and it being a style that I already had 3 other pairs in, I was sold immediately. From there it went downhill as I hit up the sale rack and the rest is as they say, history. However I did get the Sperry’s for under $50.00 and that just couldn’t be passed up. I haven’t decided if I will return them yet as they are the only pair I haven’t worn, but for right now they are part of my January purchases.

1) Sperry Top-Sider Intrepid Metallic Boat Shoe
2) Steve Madden Heaven Pastel Patent Flat
3) Adrienne Vittadini Monet Ballet Flat (out of stock)


Final 2 Items

shoe dress

I was originally done shopping for the month after my Gap shopping trip, but a deal came about at The Loft that I couldn’t pass up. I had a coupon for $20 off my purchase thanks to Loft credit card rewards and there was a coupon code for $50 off a regular price purchase of $100 or more so I got a steal on both items.

1) Farah Cap Top Ballet Flats
2) Gravity Stripe Ponte Shift Dress

All in all I probably spent about $200.00 this month of my own money with the rest being spent on gift cards I had received for Christmas. Not bad for all the things I got. A tad over my budget, but still not bad at all. What did you buy this month?

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What’s in my bag?

So if you are anything like me and read Us Weekly you see the “What’s in my bag?” article and can’t help but scour the items celebs and the people that pretend to be celebs(I’m looking to you Kardashian family!) carry around with them day in and day out. But if you are like me, do you ever notice how massive the bags are that they use? What about showing what can fit in a small bag?

As luck would have it I was too lazy to switch to me regular work bag on Monday morning so I used my smaller J. Crew Tillary bag and what better way to kick off my blog then with the all important “What’s in my bag?” post.



1) J. Crew Tillary Bag: I saw this bag on a blog and immediately fell in love with it. The color was so vibrant and gorgeous I needed to have it. After checking a number of J. Crew stores and having a friend check one in a different state I searched eBay and found one for a great price.


2) American Express Gift Cards: Like the commercial says, don’t leave home without them. You never know what you will find shopping.


3) Marc by Marc Jacobs Travel Wallet: My aunt got married in Aruba in 2012 and I was her MOH. This snazzy hot pink number was part of my Bridesmaid gift and I take it every where with me. Not only does it hold travel documents and passports, but it doubles as a wallet in smaller bags. Sold out in stores, but I’m sure can be found on eBay.


4)Kate Spade Striped Card Holder/J Crew Anchor Battery Charger: I love these two items and they go everywhere with me. I bought the Kate Spade case cheap at the outlets before Aruba so I could toss it in my beach bag with my room key and money. Now it hold my bus pass. The battery charger is one of the best things to ever come out of J Crew. I wanted one for Christmas and I was lucky enough to get the anchor one which wasn’t on line. My mom found it in the store and scooped it up for me.


5)Dunkin Donuts GC/Keys/Mac Viva Glam Lipsticks: Dunkin Donuts GC are the one thing that never lasts long with me. I go to the same DD everyday and get a medium Iced Tea with 3 lemons. I can’t start my day without it. Keys are a given. Everyone needs them. And since we need them, why not add key chains of things we love. My keys have a Nomar Garciaparra key chain, a Swiss Army Knife(great for opening packages), and a Tiffany’s Star key chain. The Lipsticks are probably the most important thing in my bag as I never go out in public without any on and I’m always wearing MAC Viva Glam II and III together. It’s a must.


6) Work ID: Can’t get in the building or on to my floor with out it. This baby has been through the ringer.


7) J Crew iPhone 4s Anchor Case: Are you sensing an anchor trend? I freaking love them and I love that J Crew loves them too! Another gift from my wonderful mom that I didn’t expect at all but made me sublimely happy.


8) Suri’s Burn Book bu Allie Hagan: This book is awesomeness! I have been following the tumblr account for quite sometime so I was beyond thrilled to see a book come out. I read the whole thing in a day and I laughed the whole time. I didn’t actually buy this in a book store. I bought it on for way less then I would have and Amazon or Barnes and Nobles. For what it was it was the perfect price.

And there you have it. You now know what I had in my small bag Monday. What do you keep in your bag?

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