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Monogram Love and a Giveaway{CLOSED}

Monogram Love and a Giveaway{C..

Monogram by andiabcs featuring monogram jewelry One thing I have seemed to notice that has become a huge trend is monogram items. They are everywhere! From shirts to necklaces(I wear an A necklace myself) to iPhone cases to planners. You name it and you can get it monogrammed. The days of only having your initials on your LL Bean canvas tote is over. You can go wild and even get your Louis Vuitton. It is all matter of style, taste and design. Once you know what you want and how you want it you are good to go. With that […]

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Book Lover Clutches

Book Lover Clutches

Book Lover Clutches by andiabcs featuring kate spade   A friend sent me a link for these and I couldn’t pass up sharing them with my book loving readers. They are pricey, but so adorable. I’m telling you if they had a Catcher in the Rye or Anna and the French Kiss one that baby would be hard to pass up. Would you ever wear a book clutch?

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The Colors of Love, er um, Pink and Red

The Colors of Love, er um, Pin..

Well if you are anything like me, you loathe Valentine’s Day. Well not loathe, that is too strong a word, maybe mildly dislike. All the over priced flowers and candy and dinners. The little chubby cupid decorations all over the place and an abundance of hearts. To me it used to be a day I would wear black in protest. Bust as time has passed and I have evolved so has my Valentine’s Day style. Now instead of following a lot of the world’s population, I use the colors of love, pink and red in my own way. Stripes, riding […]

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January Shopping

January Shopping

And this begins my monthly shopping posts. Every month I will show you what I have purchased and roughly what I have spent on those purchases. Some months will be higher than others and some months will have mostly nothing(highly unlikely knowing me). The purpose of this post, which I have seen on a lot of blogs, is a way for me to see just what I am spending and for you to see how you can spend on some sort of a budget.  The Clothes Gap and Old Navy were having a sale earlier this month and when Gap […]

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What’s in my bag?

What’s in my bag?

So if you are anything like me and read Us Weekly you see the “What’s in my bag?” article and can’t help but scour the items celebs and the people that pretend to be celebs(I’m looking to you Kardashian family!) carry around with them day in and day out. But if you are like me, do you ever notice how massive the bags are that they use? What about showing what can fit in a small bag? As luck would have it I was too lazy to switch to me regular work bag on Monday morning so I used my […]

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