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Work from Home: Tops

Work from Home: Tops

Yesterday I posted my first in a series of three for work from home comfy ideas. In today’s edition I’m sharing different tops to go with the pants I shared on the first post. I don’t have a lot of these (okay, I only have the first one) but I think they will all be excellent WFH options. PRETTYGARDEN Leopard Oversized Sweater: I have two of these and I want 4 more. It is the perfect sweater for leggings (or skinny jeans when I go out of the house again). It is the perfect oversized look without being too much […]

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Work from Home: Pants

Work from Home: Pants

A lot of us are stuck at home working. or home schooling or trying to keep things some kind of normal. This means a lot of lounge clothes are being worn. Luckily I have a small obsession with leggings and comfy clothes so I have been prepared for this for a while. But for those of you looking for ideas I decided to use the C part of the ABCs and talk about clothes. There will be 3 posts for comfy clothes and comfy accessories. First up…pants. Aerie Chill Leggings: I have had this leggings for a while. They are […]

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The Anatomy of a TBR Cart

The Anatomy of a TBR Cart

There is no denying the world is a weird place right now. A lot of us are stuck at home trying to work, trying not to look at the news too much, trying to read, trying to just be busy. It is an odd state for a lot of us. I’m having a hard time myself since being home is not my norm. But one thing that has brought me joy is my new TBR cart.  I know TBR carts were all the rage for a while and I’m late to the party. Either way I joined the party and […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Anticipated 5 Star Reads on My TBR

Top Ten Tuesday – Antici..

I love a good 5 star read. Some years I will have a lot of them, some years I can be stingy (this is rare). For me a 5 star read needs to keep me engaged and make me not want to put the book down. It doesn’t have to be 100% perfect to be 5 stars, but it has to feel perfect for me and my tastes. Here are 10 books on my TBR that are coming out in 2020 that I predict will be 5 stars:                         […]

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Monthly TBR – December 2019

Monthly TBR – December 2..

9 months in and I’m still enjoying making these TBR list. Occassionally I will read off the list or something will come up and I will need to read a different book, but mostly I have stuck to what I decided on and read from it. I don’t feel pressure which is good. I feel like I have enough options that it doesn’t stress me out and I like that. Here is a look at how November went for me based off my original list: It wasn’t the best reading month for me, but I did read some really great […]

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