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If you read my post on my new found love of KDramas you will know that I had no intention of watching them let alone fall completely in love with them and yet here I am. Since January I have been crafting lists of all the ones that I want to watch and have watched and I now have a list of 100. I’m about a quarter of the way through my list so I have plenty more to watch and this list is constantly changing, much like my TBR (IYKYK). So today I figured I would randomly select 10 […]

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KDrama Love (Vote at the Bottom)

KDrama Love (Vote at the Botto..

If you don’t follow me on Instagram you may have no idea that I have become addicted to Korean Dramas in 2022. I knew they had become super popular in the US in recent years but it was something I never saw myself watching. I was never one to watch foreign language films and read the subtitles. Even just last year I watched Squid Games dubbed in English. But in January a friend from work messaged me and told me I needed to start watching them. Based off my love of books and romance in books she though it was […]

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