Fall Style Layers – ModCloth

I love wearing layers. Whether it is winter, spring or summer I will usually be in some kind of layers. But Fall is really the perfect time for it as the temperature fluctuates so quickly, especially in New England. You could leave the house in the morning and it will be 43 degrees and then come lunch time it will be close to 60. On days like this layers are really the only options, and ModCloth is the perfect place to find all of your layering needs.

ModCloth is pretty much one stop shopping. You can find anything from holiday dresses, to undergarments, to accessories, to bedding. They have everything in your needs and in a variety of textures, colors and sizes. And not only can you shop by style but ModCloth also lets you shop by decade which is a unique feature I haven’t found anywhere else. They made it easy for me to create a comfortable and casual Fall layered look.


I decided to keep my look simple and casual. For me this look is all about the Familiar Comfort Sweater, which was the first piece I picked to build my look off of. This sweater is everything Fall to me. It is cozy and comfortable looking and just has that vibe that you want to curl up with a book by the fire. Once I had the sweater the rest of the look just kind of came together. Next I picked the Tanks Very Much Top in case it gets unexpectedly warm, and the Bonfire Stories Tunic to add a little bit of interest. Paired all three of those pieces with two of my favorite kind of items, leggings and knee high boots, and topped it off with a vest and a tote bag. There you have a casually, put together look that is both on trend and perfect for Fall.

ModCloth has a great variety of  sweaters for any occasion that will help fit your fall layering needs.

What is your Fall layering style? How had ModCloth helped you with pieces to incorporate into your style?

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Fanatics – Game Day Style: Boston Red Sox

There is nothing I love more than going to a Red Sox, Patriots, or Bruins game. I just love the atmosphere of a live sporting event (admittedly it is better when my teams are winning). And with every game comes Game Day Style and Fanatics is a place to help with that.

Fanatics is a fabulous website where you can find all of your game day style needs. They have everything from MLB hats to jackets to sweatshirts to accessories for whatever team of your choosing. They are basically a go to place for your game day style.

When it comes to me “game day style” I like to keep it pretty minimal in terms of the team logo. If I’m wearing a shirt with the team name then I won’t wear a hat sporting it too. On some occasions I will break this self imposed “rule” but not often. And I also like to be able to wear game attire out after because I tend to go out when the game is over. I thought about all of this when creating my Fanatics look and I also thought about the other thing we love in Boston, FALL BASEBALL. If the Red Sox are playing in October it means we are one very happy city (unless they lose and break all our hearts).

I first started with the New Era Boston Red Sox Ladies Cadet Hat. I’m personally a huge fan of this style hat. Actually I own one of these myself with the Sox and not the B on it. I love the easy military look of it which is very popular these days.  From there I kept it simple; white t shirt, boyfriend jeans, a boy cardigan and sneakers. A pop of pink for some color (a smaller bag to get through security) and the Boston Red Sox Love Print Infinity Scarf that I am completely obsessed with and need to add to my wardrobe. And the best part about this look, you can easily make it summer appropriate. Trade out the boyfriend jeans for shorts and lose the sweater, change the sneakers into flip flops…easy peasy.

So I’ve showed you my Game Day Style and how Fanatics can help you with yours. Now tell me what your style would be like?

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Your Best in Vests



My name is Andi and I have a vest obsession. It’s okay. I’m fine with it. I’ve made peace with this obsession and have embraced it. I’ve embraced it so much that I added two of the above just this year. It is now a way of life for me. It all started a few years ago and then got worse with my J Crew love.

Anyway, I like vests and I like styling vests. It is fun to come up with ways to wear them on not so cold days here in Boston. So today I bring you 4 vests I own and 4 looks I love, one for each vest. Some of the pieces in the looks I have, so I just love the idea of. But I promise you this, I will be wearing these vest a lot so I would stay tuned, and by stay tuned I mean follow me on Instagram.






So tell me, how do you wear your vest? Which look do you like the best?

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One shirt, Three colors

I haven’t played with paperdolls in a while and thought it was time to put a few looks together. When I was looking at the J Crew Factory stuff, I know, you are shocked by this, I came across this one shirt in three different colors. Immediately my mind started going and think about what you could pair each one with. And then of course I thought of what book I could pair with said outfit and used three of my favorite: Anna and the French Kiss, Since You’ve Been Gone(out in May) and Open Road Summer. And below is what I have come up with. What do you think?

One shirt, Three colors

One shirt, Three colors by andiabcs featuring J.Crew

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JCrew Factory Lust

JCrew Factory Lust
My name is Andi and I’m a J Crew-aholic. And you know what, sorry, not sorry. I can’t help it. I love it. I love the colors and the prints and the styles and the options. I love the shoes and the shorts and how everything fits and the quality. And on occasion, I like the price. Sometimes if you are lucky you can get a really good deal on something at the J Crew store. But for those moments that you aren’t so lucky in the retail store, there is the Factory. And more often than not, something that is popular in the store in one season will end up at the factory story the next for a fraction of the price with only minor difference. So above you will see my current J Crew Factory lust list. Screams spring doesn’t it? Bet you can guess where my mind is. HA. Anyway, with these pieces in mind I created three different spring/summer styles to help break out of this winter doom. I personally love them all. Too bad me and my wallet are having a difference of opinion right now or they would all be in my closet.
So tell me my dear ABCers, what items are you lusting after to break out of this winter blah time? Anything on my list strike your fancy? Share in the comments.
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