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Mini Reviews #12 – Holiday Books

Mini Reviews #12 – Holid..

Here are a few brief thoughts on some Holiday book reads: I really enjoyed The Holiday Swap. It was a cute holiday book that reads like a Hallmark movie. Cass and Charlie may have been identical twins with a penchant for baking, but they were complete opposites on how they lived their lives. Switching places definitely helped them both get out of ruts they were in and to see what they could have been missing. I really enjoyed the growth of both characters as they settled into their new situation and environment. It did have some confusing parts at the […]

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Briefly Romantic (8)

Briefly Romantic (8)

First and foremost, How Sweet It Is was a super fun read. It had all of the elements I love in a romance like the quirky meet cute, the misunderstandings, the adorableness. Drake and Kate had such a solid chemistry I yearned for more of them. They played off each other really well and it made reading their story a fun time. I also loved the awkward situations they both kept getting into with the other. It added a fun lightness to their story and was woven in really well with the plot. With that said I didn’t love how […]

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Review: Happy Singles Day – Ann Marie Walker

Review: Happy Singles Day R..

Ever come a cross a book that just takes you completely by surprise? You know you will enjoy it based off the description, but you are shocked just how much you enjoy it when you are done? Happy Singles Day was one of those books for me. It was so completely unexpectedly delightful. Between the characters and the story and the setting I was done for. It hit all the check marks of a story I love with one shortcoming…it was too short. Happy Singles Day is the story of Paige Parker, a professional organizer. Paige is an obsessive worker […]

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Review: Boyfriend Material – Alexis Hall

Review: Boyfriend Material ..

Fake boyfriend stories are hands down some of my favorite stories. I have loved it in soap operas and other TV shows and movies and in books. It is such a great troupe because you know the lines from fake to real will blur and feeling will be caught and everything will change. It’s predictable and comforting and I love it. So whenI saw Boyfriend Material popping up on social media the cover intrigued me and then I read the description and saw it was a fake romance, I was hooked from the get go. And I am happy to […]

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Review: Conventionally Yours – Annabeth Albert

Review: Conventionally Yours &..

I became a fan of Annabeth Albert a few years ago. I came across one of her self published books and really enjoyed it. I read a few more and then I got sidetracked with other books. So when I saw she was releasing a new books, Conventionally Yours, I knew I had to read it. Usually convention books aren’t my thing but I knew Annabeth could make it work for me and I was so right. Conventionally Yours was a really fun story about finding friendship and love and yourself over one road trip and it made me supremely […]

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