Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Authors

Picking a favorite author is hard work. And narrowing it down to 10 is even harder. I mean no matter what I did some of my fave were going to be left off or my list would be ginormous. But I did it. I picked 10 and there are in on particular order even though they are numbered. So who are your favorite authors?


sperkins     sockler

 tdoller     loliver

mkenneally      mmatson

elord      lmiller

smaas     kakins

Stephanie Perkins Sarah OcklerTrish DollerLauren OliverMiranda KenneallyMorgan MatsonEmery LordLauren MillerSarah J. MaasKaren Akins

*Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
**Top Ten Tuesday photo made by me with covers from Goodreads. If you would like to use it please give credit.

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  1. I love Trish Doller! I’ve only read Something Like Normal, but whoa that book was amazing. And I Just recently read Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour! I definitely need to read more Morgan Matson. I also love Stephanie Perkins!

  2. I was trying to guess which ones would be your favorites – definitely thought of Stephanie Perkins (Duh), Miranda Kenneally, Sarah Maas, and Emery Lord. I forgot about Lauren Miller – I can’t wait for her next book. I totally expected Heather Demetrios to be on there tho! 😉
    Great list, lady!

  3. Love your layout this week! Your one of the only people I know though who enjoyed Oliver’s Delirium series! I liked book 1, loved book 2 and wanted to throw book 3 out the window! Lol R x

  4. Love your graphics, they’re really cool. I haven’t read most of the authors on your list but Sarah J Maas was on mine as well. I’m also currently in the process of reading Lauren Oliver’s Panic.

  5. These graphics are AWESOME, Andi! I really liked seeing your post all together like this 😉 We share a lot of favorite authors too. The only two I haven’t read anything by are Lauren Oliver and Lauren Miller!

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