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Living in Boston I am lucky (well kind of) and I get a rare work snow day every now and again.  It’s great because then I have all the time off (well minus the gross time of shoveling) to read and make cards and do the things.

Yesterday was one of those rare work snow days and I had massive plans. I need to work on some crafty things so I was going to make about 4 cards and do a few other things. I was going to finish Lucky in Love and maybe start my next book. I was going to get caught up on Designated Survivor. But you know what they say about plans…they never go the way you imagine. So instead of doing all those grand things that I still need to get done, I watched 440 minutes of one TV show.

It started a couple of weeks ago. I woke up one Saturday morning looking for a new show. I had just finished season 2 of The Man in the High Castle (if you are not watching that you should!) and wanted something different. I opened Netflix and there Prison Break was, sitting in my list of things I have wanted to watch.

So I watched the pilot and I was intrigued. The concept was interesting. The characters were great and I was curious where it was going. There was something that drew me in. And then I took to Twitter and a lot of people over there told me to watch, watch, watch. And I did and started to get hooked. (I mean how could I not with the faces of Linc and Michael on my screen).

And then something truly magical happened. A ship was formed and I was done for. I had to see everything that was going to happen between Michael and Sara. They have such amazing chemistry there was no way I couldn’t route for them. I mean will you look at them?!?!

And thus this began my demise. The series is only 4 season long (all on Netflix) with a 5th coming out in April, 8 years after the series ended. Currently I am almost half way through season 2 and I honestly wish I could watch TV at work so I could watch all the shows.

So tell me, since this is a discussion post, what do you do on unexpected days off? What are you currently binge watching? And have you watched Prison Break at all? Let’s talk!

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  1. I’m jealous of your TV-filled day! I worked most of the day from home but did manage to watch a few episodes of shows with Chris. He had the fun Lego-filled day off 🙁

    I also was a little more productive than usual by doing laundry and dishes, and working up a roast in the crockpot 🙂

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