Top 10 of 2019 – Books I Wish I Made Time to Read

Top 10 of 2019 – Books I..

It’s hard to read all the books you want in a single year. There are only so many days in a year and unfortunately life takes precedence sometimes. Okay and I admit I am easily distract by new shiny (hence my new blog tour plan next year for back list books called Back Pages). You mean to read them all but it is impossible. Here are 10 books that came out in 2019 that I wish I had gotten to: I’m going to make an effort to read all 10 in 2020. Have you read any of these? What should […]

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Top 10 of 2019 – Intro

Top 10 of 2019 – Intro

At the end of the year I always feel like I try to fit a years worth of blogging into a couple of weeks and that is no different this year. I usually do end of the year surveys but I saw this “new” challenge hosted by @kimisreading and @greadsbooks and knew this was what I would do for 2019. I don’t know that I will do them all, but I do know that Top 10 of 2019 is a challenge I can easily get behind. You can find out more HERE but this is the list of possible posts: […]

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Monthly TBR – December 2019

Monthly TBR – December 2..

9 months in and I’m still enjoying making these TBR list. Occassionally I will read off the list or something will come up and I will need to read a different book, but mostly I have stuck to what I decided on and read from it. I don’t feel pressure which is good. I feel like I have enough options that it doesn’t stress me out and I like that. Here is a look at how November went for me based off my original list: It wasn’t the best reading month for me, but I did read some really great […]

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2019 Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge- December Link-Up

2019 Contemporary Romance Read..

HAPPY December,  you Fabulous Readers! And just like that it is December. Because the year is over you can on longer sign up for the 2019 challenge. BUt you are in luck, the 2020 is live and waiting for your name to be added to the list! You can sign up HERE. If you don’t sign-up, your entries will not count toward the giveaway and I have to disqualify you. Basically…SIGN-UP! Monthly Link-Up and Giveaway Details: Your thoughts on each book you read must be posted somewhere, like your blog, Goodreads, Amazon, YouTube, Tumblr, etc., in order for it to count […]

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Sign-Up: Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge 2020

Sign-Up: Contemporary Romance ..

Three years down, another one to go(Is this really my 4th year?!?!). That’s right, Andi’s ABCs is once again the host for the Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge for 2020*! The Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge was originally created and hosted by Pearl’s World of Romance, passed on to Fatin at Romance Book Maven, then passed on to Brianna at The Book Vixen, Then it was Gone with the Words and Love at First Page‘s turn. and is now hosted by Andi’s ABCs. Grab the Button: Ok, so here are the challenge details and rules…. Reading Challenge Details: Runs January 1, 2020 […]

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