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To Be Reviewed (1)

To Be Reviewed (1)

Like any blogger I have a mountain long list of books that I have loved and have yet to review. Some of these books I read last year which means I need a reread before I write my review because we all know there is no way I remember the things I need to remember. Everyday I look at this list and think I should just write some of them and then I get overwhelmed by the number and decide to read a new book. Currently my list has about 15-17 books on it which in hindsight isn’t that bad […]

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On My Radar – Recently Downloaded (6)

On My Radar – Recently D..

I have been trying to be so good when it comes to requesting ARCs or downloading eGalleys. I have stuck to my “only buying Kindle books” ban since last fall which has been nice (not that I haven’t added any physical books to my collection, but I haven’t bought any). But then there was a recent drop of available books on Edelweiss and I saw all the new shiny and I just couldn’t help myself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What books have you recently added to your collection? Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save […]

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Blog Tour – The Mirror King by Jodi Meadow: The ABCs (+ a Giveaway)

Blog Tour – The Mirror K..

  Today on the blog tour for The Mirror King I have Jodi Meadows guest posting The ABCs for Wilhelmina.  Wil is a pretty straightforward girl that has some items that you know are her as soon as you see them. Welcome Jodi (and by extension, Wil) to the blog. Accessory: Daggers. I mean, Wilhelmina already has daggers, but what girl doesn’t need more weapons? Wil’s current daggers are perfectly serviceable, and she’s pretty attached to them, given all they’ve been through together, but if she were to have new daggers, perhaps they’d have fine ebony hilts, some sort of […]

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Blog Tour: The ABCs with Denver from The Lifeboat Clique (Kathy Parks)

Blog Tour: The ABCs with Denve..

Today we have a special edition of The ABCs brought to you by Kathy Parks for her character Denver in her new book The Lifeboat Clique. Make sure you read all the way to the end to enter the giveaway. Hi, it’s Denver Reynolds from The Lifeboat Clique. You know my shopping needs changed drastically once a tsunami washed me out to sea. For example, accessories. When attempting to avoid the glare of both the sun and your ex-best friend, try these polarized Fisherman sunglasses: I know they’re super expensive but a water-deprived, hallucinating girl at sea can dream, […]

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Blog Tour: Shade Me Rainbow Blitz | My Favorite Blue Things (Giveaway)

Blog Tour: Shade Me Rainbow Bl..

When I was given my the color for the Shade Me Rainbow Blitz tour I was so super excited. Blue is totally my jam. I seriously love the color blue. I wear it a lot (in the summer especially) and I love that there are so many shades of it. Honestly I had trouble narrowing down my favorite blue things but here you go: Anchor Pattern: I love my anchors. You must all know this by now. I have a ton of anchor pattern summer items that I got at J Crew and J Crew Factory that I am basically […]

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