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Review: Girl Gone Viral – Alisha Rai

Review: Girl Gone Viral –..

I have been a fan of Alisha Rai for a while now. I loved her Forbidden Hearts series and really enjoyed The Right Swipe. So reading Girl Gone Viral was a no-brainer. As soon as I heard about it I wanted it. Kat had intrigued me from the get-go and I really wanted to read her story. And boy to Rai nail it. Girl Gone Viral was just the book I wanted for Kat. It was amazing! Girl Gone Viral is about Rhiannon’s friend/roommate Katrina King. We were first introduced to her in The Right Swipe. She has become kind […]

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Briefly Romantic (4)

Briefly Romantic (4)

Honestly, I had some issues with A Love Like Yours on a few points that made not love it like I thought I would. Don’t get me wrong, it was entertaining and a fast read, but there were just things in it that I didn’t love, Lucy being one of them. I loved Sam and how much he loved Lucy, but she just couldn’t seem to make up her mind and had such little empathy for his feelings and faith in him that it annoyed me a lot more than I wanted it to. I also found Sebastian to be […]

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