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Top Ten Tuesday: Things Books Made Me Want to Do

Top Ten Tuesday: Things Books ..

Books are definitely persuasive beasts. Between making you want to visit places and eat all the food it is hard to walk away from a book and not be inspired to do, eat or visit something. I equally love and hate this. I have wanted to visit the most random of places, eat all the Cheetos and french fries and you imagine, and book a flight immediately. Nature of the beast I guess. Here are 10 of the books that made me want to do things: Anna and the French Kiss Bittersweet In Real Life Want To Go Private? Two-Way […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Books Set Outside the US

Top Ten Tuesday – Books ..

This post was harder than it sounds. I mean sure there aren’t a lot of contemps that I’ve read that take place outside the US. That was probably one. Problem 2 was that most that do are either Australia or England so that made it harder. In the end I decided on 6 books I really loved/liked and 4 books that were good enough. Anna and the French Kiss Just One Day Just One Year Jellicoe Road Meant to Be The Distance from A to Z  The Book Thief Wish You Were Italian Dangerous Girls The International Kissing Club What […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Facts About Me

Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Fa..

I’m pretty open about most things so there probably aren’t 10 things that you don’t know about me, but here you go. Some have to do with book things, some not so much. 1) I go by Andrea in everyday life and only a few people call me Andi on a regular basis. 2) I am easily paranoid about certain things, like if people actually enjoy my blog. 3) I can’t wear red or yellow and it makes me sad. My skin is just too red for either color. 4) I am a New England Patriots fan and I will […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Must Read Series/Companion Series

Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Mus..

Today is a freebie day for Top Ten Tuesday and I’m not going to lie they freak me out a little bit. I always want to be so creative and I fail miserably.  Today I’m not so creative but this post took on a mind of its own. Originally I was just going to do something different but as I started to make the banners I realized it morphed into Must Read Series/Companion Series and I kind of liked it.  I’m sure most of you have read these but if you haven’t you really need to. Finnikin of the Rock […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’m Excited for July – December 2016

Top Ten Tuesday – Books ..

This was harder than I expected. A lot of the books I am excited for I actually have in my possession or I have read (which yes I know makes me a very lucky girl). So I decided that that didn’t matter. Maybe I’m excited to get a finished copy. Maybe I’m excited for others that haven’t had the chance to be able to read it. Maybe I just am excited for the book. So here you have a list of 10 books that I’m excited for regardless if I have it or read it already. Defending Taylor (7/5) || […]

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