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Top Ten Tuesday – Best of Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday – Best o..

Since I started doing Top Ten Tuesday posts in May of 2013 my style has changed…a lot. When I was new to blogging and not really sure how I wanted things to go everything was simple. Since then I have fun making new graphics and coming up with new ideas. In the last 2 years there are definitely been some topics that I have enjoyed more than others. Some of them I’m ebarassed to look at years later and others I think…yup, still true. Either way, these have been my favorites. What has been your favorite? Top Ten tuesday Top […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Summer 2015 TBR

Top Ten Tuesday – Summer..

I love the TBR posts. It is fun to go and pick out books that I plan to read. Admittedly I’m not very good at it. I looked back at my Spring 2015 TBR post and my Winter 2014 TBR post and I have read 10 out of 20. Not great by any stretch of the imagination. But I do love to make the list and pretend. So here you have it, my Summer 2015 TBR. I will give it the old college try, but my guess is I will fail. (Side note, there are 12 because my audio rereads […]

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Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Would Love to See as Movies/TV Shows

Top Ten Tuesday – Books ..

Books to film/television scares me. I’m not going to lie. Some have turned out a pleasant surprise while others have just been a flat out mess. Do you know how heart broken I would be if they made Anna and the French Kiss into a movie and destroyed it? Nope, I can’t even go there. Anyway there are a few books that I do think have the potential to be good movies. I stuck with stories I thought would play out really well on the big screen.  What book would you like to see transferred to film?         Twenty Boy […]

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