Gift Card Spending/Michael Kors Love

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Let’s face it, we all do it. We get a gift card as a gift, for Christmas or our birthday or if  you’re lucky enough just because, and we immediately need to spend it. I admit it, I’m guilty of it. Sometimes that little piece of plastic burns a hole in your pocket that it just has to be done. But is it worth it to spend it so quickly if it isn’t something you need(i.e. shampoo, make-up replacement, et al.) or something that you will use more then once? I know the sales drag us in time and time again, but it is important to remember when hitting those sales with that little plastic gift card in your hand that you stop and think. Ask yourself a couple of questions before high tailing it to the register:

1) Where can I wear/use this item?

If I can see myself wearing/using the item in multiple situations or scenarios then it is a keeper. If it is a more one and done piece or not practical for your lifestyle then put down and move on. The gift card isn’t going anywhere.

2) Am I really getting the best use out of my gift card or am I more into buying for the sake of buying?

If you are buying for the sake of buying then leave the store immediately! Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00. Never buy something just to buy something. You will regret it. I’ve done it and it is honestly a waste of money. I get it, sale stickers are usually shiny and bright and enticing. For anyone that knows me you know nobody likes a sale better then I do. But a sale on something you have had your eye on is completely different then spending just to spend.

3) Will I get my money’s worth out of the item?

This is a big one because it is hard to judge sometimes if you will or not. But really think of the cost and think of how many times you would use it. If the item is say $88, like the amazing JCrew Pixie pants I bought, and you wear them at least once a week for a month the answer is yes. That is like spending $22 on four pairs of pants you may only wear once. But if you say to yourself I’m only going to wear these once, then step away from the display and come back after you decided exactly what it is you need.

Why you ask am I talking about this now? I’ll tell you why. This bag is why (full post on the bag to follow).

hamiltonI have been holding on to some gift cards I received so I could find myself the perfect black leather bag. I looked and looked and then stumbled on this beauty and I knew I had to have it. It is everything I was looking for. Classic in style and color and the perfect bag for totting all my stuff to work.

What do you spend you gift cards on? Do you spend to spend or wait for something amazing?



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  1. Michelle B

    First, Andi, LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag! Second and more importantly I love this column! I’ve been pondering the topic myself over the last year or so. Each time I receive a gift card I weigh what I need vs what I want and the card goes in one of two places: my wallet or my house. At Christmas, I received quite a few Macy’s cards and knowing I needed makeup they promptly got spent. I also received some Gap cards & while I’d love to blow them now, I’m holding out for a while because I don’t NEED anything … yet. I’ve had several Crate and Barrel cards for over a year but they’re building up so I can buy a juicer. I enjoy this approach to shopping immensely. Each purchase really means something and that makes me smile. Lets be clear about one thing though: Starbucks gift cards don’t count and those get spent, spent, spent!!

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