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First up we have Rachel from Hello, Chelly. Her book is A Wrinkle in Time.


There are certain childhood books that hold a special place in my heart for introducing me to genres I still love today. One such book, or series rather, is A WRINKLE IN TIME by Madeleine L’Engle and that was my first (but definitely not the last!) science fiction / time travel book. The first book follows Meg Murry, a 14-year-old girl who feels so ordinary and plain next to her family. Her mother is a beautiful and brilliant scientist along with her equally brilliant (but absent) scientist father, her twin brothers are popular and athletic and her youngest brother Charles Wallace is a child genius. They all see the potential in her to do great things, even if she can’t. One night, Meg, Charles and their mother are up late having a midnight snack when their neighbor Mrs. Whatsit joins them and mentions the word tesseract which shocks their mother to the point of fainting. This moment is the catalyst for the many adventures ahead which delves into sci-fi, time travel, mysterious characters and the secrets of their family.

The series is (un)officially known as the Time Quintet and I thought it would be fun to do a BookBags post of my favorite books from the series. And I even chose the editions that I remember reading when I was younger. And yes they left that much of an impression on me!
(1) A Wrinkle In Time (Book 1) + Dressage for Success Backpack 
This is the book that starts the whole series and introduced me to the characters I love most: Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin. I normally don’t pick backpacks but this one fit so perfectly! And actually now that I’ve been carrying my laptop around more, a teeny tiny part of me wants to buy a cute backpack like this for myself.

(2) A Wind in the Door (Book 2) + Cedar Street Harmony
More Meg and Charles Wallace! Especially Charles Wallace. Their relationship is one of my favorite fictional sibling relationships. And it’s even more highlighted in this book. Plus there are dragons! Then this Kate Spade bag is something I would totally buy for myself. The beige/black stripes matches the beige/black stripes on the cover.

(3) An Acceptable Time (Book 5) + Proenza Schouler Fuschia Suede Small Lunch Bag Clutch
The last book focuses on a whole new character (I want to tell you exactly who she is but it would be a spoiler!). It’s probably the most time travel-y one in the series and I just loved how it all unfolded. Just writing about it makes me want to re-read. I think the bold colors of this clutch match so, so well.

Thank you to Andi for letting me be a part of this!
I hope my guest post convinced you to check out this series!

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