Review: In 27 Days-Alison Gervais

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Review: In 27 Days-Alison GervaisIn 27 Days by Alison Gervais
Published by Blink
Published: July 25, 2017
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Hadley Jamison is shocked when she hears that her classmate, Archer Morales, has committed suicide. She didn't know the quiet, reserved guy very well, but that doesn't stop her from feeling there was something she could have done to help him.

Hoping to find some sense of closure, Hadley attends Archer's funeral. There, Hadley is approached by a man who calls himself Death and offers her a deal. If Hadley accepts, she will be sent back 27 days in time to prevent Archer from killing himself. But when Hadley agrees to Death's terms and goes back to right the past, she quickly learns her mission is harder than she ever could have known.

Hadley soon discovers Archer's reasons for being alone, and Archer realizes that having someone to confide in isn't as bad as he'd always thought. But when a series of dangerous accidents starts pushing them apart, Hadley must decide whether she is ready to risk everything - including her life - to keep Archer safe.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

In 27 Days has been a book on my TBR since April of 2017. As soon as I heard about it I knew it was a book I wanted to read. But as a book nerd tends to do, I kept pushing it off and pushing it off until it had been almost 3 years later and I finally decided it was time to read it. Since so much time had passed I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I had forgotten if there was any hype or buzz or even what other people had said about it. Instead I ended up jumping in with a clear frame of mind and when I finished my first thought was…WHY DIDN’T I READ THIS SOONER?!?! In 27 Days was good guys. It was really  good.

In 27 Days is about Hadley Jamison, a high school student in New York that is saddened by the suicide of her classmate, Archer Morales.  Hadley only knew Archer from a class years ago but something about his death breaks her up. So much so she decides to go to his funeral. While there she meets a name named Death that offers to send her back 27 days so she can try and stop Archer from doing what can’t be undone. Hadley agrees and soon finds herself in the past trying to navigate a world she knows with the unknown and trying to find a way to show a boy she barely knows that life is worth living. As the days pass Hadley finds herself immersed in Archer’s life and more invested in whether she can save him because know that she knows him she can’t imagine life without him.

I will say that In 27 Days was a slow start for me. It took a little bit for me to get into. It took until about page 75 for me to get invested and by page 100 I was really all in. Watching Hadley slowly become a part of Archer’s life, getting to know him and his story, getting to know Hadley, I was enthralled. Archer was this character you knew nothing about in the beginning and all of a sudden you couldn’t help but love him and his family. Especially after learning his story and why he was having such a hard time and just may have needed that one person to reach out.  He became my favorite part of the journey and I found myself loving him the most out of all the characters. Don’t get me wrong, Hadley is great and Archer’s family is top notch, but Archer was the bees knees.

I was pretty anxious reading In 27 Days and I didn’t love how the last act of the story went, but all in all this was a fantastic reading experience I should have had years ago. It was one of those books you don’t want to put down. One of those books you want the characters to succeed in. One of those books you want to read again because you loved the people so much. I know this book has been out a while now, but if you haven’t picked it up yet don’t be like me and wait. Read it now.

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