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On My Radar – Books You Should Be Reading (17)

On My Radar – Books You ..

Back in early July I got an idea in my head. I was in the process of finishing Broken Things by Lauren Oliver, a book I definitely think everyone should read when it is out, and it got me thinking of all the great books that so many of you love and think others should check out. So I took  to Twitter and asked for some help. I want to do a blog post on books people should be reading so feel free to DM me with the title of a book you read this year that people should be […]

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On My Radar – The Last King by Katee Robert (16) {+ a giveaway}

On My Radar – The Last K..

Back at the end of January I came across a book on Netgalley that seems like it would be a fun read. I was a little leery because I had tried a different book by the same author and it wasn’t for me. But I downloaded it anyway and I was so happy I did. I ended up totally enjoying The Last King. So much in fact I made a fool of myself and went up to the author to tell her how much I enjoyed the book when I was at ApollyCon back in March. It’s hard to pinpoint […]

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On My Radar – Author Morgan Young (15)

On My Radar – Author Mor..

When I want to immerse myself in a romance book I often find myself skimming Amazon for a book that jumps out at me. Sometimes I just read a quick, fun, sexy read that I can read in a couple of hours and Amazon’s Romance section has yet to let me down. Well in early August I was in one of these moods and I was lucky enough to come across Morgan Young. Who is Morgan Young you ask? Morgan Young is a bestselling author who splits her time between Nashville and Phoenix, playing guitar and roasting alive. She is […]

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On My Radar – More Than We Can Tell by Brigid Kemmerer (14)

On My Radar – More Than ..

If you couldn’t tell by lack of blog posts I was on staycation last week and I decided to put my blog on vacation for the week too. It was a nice break to just sit back and not have to do anything. I had hoped to get some reading done but I’m not going to lie, it didn’t really happen. I started 2 books and DNFed one and have only read 25% of another. I had big plans for reading but instead I met up with friends and watched a lot of Hotel Hell and Kitchen Nightmares. What’s a […]

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On My Radar – Wild Seasons series by Christina Lauren (13)

On My Radar – Wild Seaso..

I admit I am far behind on this series. Ginger at GReads! bought me Sweet Filthy Boy for my birthday about 3 years ago (I think) and I never read it. She told me over and over again to read it because I would love it and I said I would and then got distracted by new shiny. Well this year I promised her I would read it over the summer and I did and I’m hooked on the series. I read book 1 over a couple of days in late June and immediately requested book 2 from the library. […]

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